Optimizing SEO for referencing, tools for boosting your business development, maximizing your revenue, communicating, and commercial marketing. Those are all important areas for your business. But what do you do for your customer?

Your customers are the ones who are to thank for the success of your activity, customer care service has to be at the heart of your company’s strategy, especially making sure that it is managed by a professional that knows both the commercial and the relational part of the job.

If customers are sensitive to your commercial approach, they are also waiting for a high-quality customer experience to accompany them forward. Before, during, and after their purchase, regardless of your industry, they expect a seamless experience.

Why work with a customer service manager? Satisfying customers with a good customer experience, growing your notoriety to attract new customers and creating customer loyalty for customers who have already given you their trust. In addition to being a loyal customer, a satisfied customer is also the customer who recommends your business and communicates about your company to their network.

Because you don’t want your customer service to look or feel like a deserted island, but you don’t have the time to do the work, find the service offer that corresponds to your needs on the ComeUp platform. Your freelance customer service manager will answer your client’s calls, manage the after-sales support aspect, bring advice to your customers, or realize prospection projects.

With ComeUp customer service managers, offer an enjoyable customer experience and create a long-lasting effect in your customer’s memories with high-quality service that exceeds all expectations.


The long-distance assistant for your projects in relation to your customers

Beyond traditional customer service tasks, the customer service manager conducts a real communication job between your business and the customer.

Flexible, independent, and available for remote work, your virtual assistant caters to your needs while allowing you to save the cost hiring someone would usually cost you.

You’ve understood by now that customer service management is a central part of your company’s success. That means the person you use to manage your customer service tasks will be one of the pillars of your success.

Do you have international customers? Our platform offers the services of freelancers that know how to manage a good relation with customers in multiple languages like English, German, Spanish, or even Italian. Use a ComeUp freelance professional and stop losing time following a formation or course that will show you only a part of managing customer service relations.


Managing the client relationship and growing your company

Good customer service is essential to your business’s well-being, it’s also a lever that permits you to survey your business with the optic of growing and developing it more. Thanks to customer service insights, you can learn a lot about your customers and how they perceive the products or services you’re offering. If there are any pain points your customers face, getting their feedback will allow you to create fixes that will improve your business and grow your revenue.

Your company has to differentiate itself from the competition with a top-notch customer care service, notably by offering services such as a reactive support, a FAQ for customers to search for help on their own, and online help by messages, emails, or chatbot. In the digital era, it’s capital to have options to send messages or call a customer service staff member.

Take advantage of ComeUp’s experts in customer services now with offers starting from just $5.


Remote commercial prospecting

Are you looking for a way to sell more? Invest in prospecting clients, a commercial process to find prospects and turn them into clients. Because your project deserves to be in the spotlight, after a serious and relevant search, our freelancers put a list of qualified prospects at your disposal so that you can send them your best offers.

Growing your customer loyalty and retention is a powerful strategy, but it’s essential to find new customers to grow your company. Much more than a simple contact research, it consists in a project to find the best prospects for your industry. The ones that are most likely to become customers.

Some businesses focus on acquiring customers, while others choose to retain their existing customers. Which choice will you make? And why not choose both?

Sign up for free and find the freelance customer service manager to develop, manage, and create loyalty throughout your client portfolio.

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