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There are so many factors in creating a successful video. And if images, a color code, and the right words are essential, adding the right audio and sound effects that emphasize important moments is just as important.

Imagine a cult movie scene without the music or sound effects. Wouldn’t that make for a weird scene? Just as a movie is nothing without its noises and music, your images have to be seen and heard with the best sound ambiance to make a strong effect. Adding audio and video content is an excellent way of making your message pass in an impactful way so that it stays in your audience’s auditory memory and grows with engagement from prospects. Because the search for the best sound effect and their creation requires expertise and are a job of their own, use a ComeUp sound designer for your sound design project. Using one of our sound engineers will ensure your project has the best sound quality. Sign up on ComeUp for free and get the best sound design and all the sound productions for videos of all types. Take advantage of sounds and sound effects for the best price. You can even benefit from sounds realized with professional tools for a teaser, a commercial, a film, a logo, a video game, or an animation.


Sound effects, music, and sounds

Are you looking for quality audio effects? Our specialists can help you integrate the best sounds into your content. Using professional sound effects for your audio or video will draw attention and ensure your viewers watch your whole ad instead of skipping through it. Highlight your products with great content.

Thanks to the use of the correct sound types, the view of your video advertising will reassure prospective buyers and unleashes the desire to buy your products, which enables you to sell more and boost your business.

Are you looking to gain more views for your videos on YouTube? In addition to having a relevant and insightful video for your audience, integrating sound effects into your YouTube videos and your videos dedicated to social media is beneficial for the image of your different channels. And why not use a logo sound that breaks the standard codes? We all recognize and remember classic logos sound like EA’s “EA sports, it's in the game”. It’s the type of reaction you want to create for every listen. Much more than simple music. It’s your signature sound, the one that will stick in people’s minds.

Create suspense or a different ambiance by appealing to the audience's hearing with judicious sound details. It's essential to have a well-written script to captivate your audience, but highlighting it with the right sound design is just as important. And for a more personal touch, our audiovisual experts can also edit your voice in the version of your choice, before integrating it into your broadcast or other media.


Sound effects and sounds for all film categories

Add the noise of a car’s motor, an explosion, or even rain falling down to your project. These are all possible options thanks to specific professional tools and sound effects. Using tools dedicated to the creation of sound effects, our sound designers create special sound ambiances that reveal your universe and put your work in the spotlight. Starting from just $5, you can order sound effects that give life to your images and emphasize all the important details in your project.

Are you producing a film? Use a sound designer that precisely reproduces the sound you need, whichever sound it may be, depending on the ambiance you want to create. Sellers also propose royalty-free sound libraries in large volumes, and downloads to add sound effects, ambiances, and sound effects to all your creations. And to outsource your project entirely, discover our other audiovisual categories, with services specialized in video editingaudio mixing, or voice-over insertion.

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