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The future intro of your YouTube videos is calling for you! A unique YouTube intro awaits!

(Over a hundred satisfied clients on ComeUp)
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Are you an ambitious YouTube entrepreneur or content creator, or about to launch your channel?

Just like the opening lines of a great story, the beginning of a YouTube video is crucial to captivate your subscribers from the first few seconds.

It's no secret to any videographer that your video's intro must be carefully crafted to entice your future subscribers to watch what you have to offer.

• It gives a unique identity to your YouTube channel;
• It adds a touch of professionalism to your content.
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More than just a video platform, YouTube is a true search engine.

When used effectively, it can bring you significant traffic to increase your visibility, leads, and ultimately, your revenue.

Every day, hundreds of people start their journey on YouTube. Standing out is an absolute must!
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However, creating a YouTube intro is an art that takes a lot of time and efforts. It requires motion design skills, video editing expertise, graphic design talent, and a deep understanding of what works on YouTube.

Entrusting the creation of your personalized YouTube intro to a professional is a game-changer.

And that's where I come in.
My name is Bernard, an expert in audiovisual creation.

I'm here to provide you with my 5 years of experience, ensuring that you receive a result that exceeds your expectations.

I am the maestro of creation, ready to compose an enchanting intro that will give your YouTube channel the brilliance of an epic manga opening!

Imagine your YouTube intro as a captivating symphony, a mesmerizing melody that announces the beginning of an exciting adventure. With my expertise, I'll harmonize the visual and auditory elements to create an introduction that stays in the memories of your audience.

Like a talented conductor, I'll direct every note, every transition, making your intro a thrilling crescendo, immersing your viewers into the world of your content from the very start.

Like an inspired composer, I'll capture the essence of your channel in the intro, adding creative touches that resonate with your audience like a love song.

With me, your YouTube intro becomes a unique signature, a hallmark that sets your channel apart from all the others. It's as if you're waving a victory flag, ready to win the hearts of your audience with a breathtaking intro!
There's a reason I currently have Over 110 positive reviews across all my services on ComeUp.

Order now to take your channel to the next level!
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Here's what some of my clients on ComeUp have to say:
Bobital (+380,000 subscribers, Educ Dog): "Bernard, super thanks!"
Robin_Faure (+20,000 subscribers, CarJager): "Many thanks to Bernard! **The work done is absolutely incredible! Moreover, he's someone who listens attentively, I can only recommend! Bravo for the work, bravo for his humanity! ;)"
nourriturespi (+23,000 subscribers, Nourriture Spirituelle): "Bernard was very professional, very satisfied, I recommend!!"
Clément (+75,000 subscribers, Mon coach séduction): "TOP!"

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I offer a base offer called the Starter Pack, detailed below.
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And to give your channel an even bigger boom, a completely personalized touch that will truly set you apart and engage your audience, pay close attention to the SILVER PACK.
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STARTER PACK includes:
- 50% Personalized Intro (00-15 seconds) Full HD 1080P
- 2 revisions
- 50% Personalized Outro (00-15 seconds) Full HD 1080P
- Possibility to include photos and videos in your intro
- No sound effects
- No search for your photos, graphics, or videos
- No visual effects
- Only for: 45€ instead of 60€

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SILVER PACK includes:
- 100% Personalized Intro (00-15 seconds) Full HD 1080P
- 4 revisions
- 100% Personalized Outro (00-15 seconds) Full HD 1080P
- Possibility to include photos and videos in your intro
- Design of your titles and lower thirds
- Search for your photos, graphics, or videos
- Sound effects
- Visual effects
- Custom "like," "subscribe," and social media buttons
- Only for: 295€ instead of 400€
Nearly all my clients have taken the Silver Pack and they have all been immensely satisfied. Why not you?

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Now you have all the keys in your hands, and it's up to you to seize this opportunity by ordering now.

Rest assured working with me:

- Your satisfaction is my priority
- Your funds are safe with ComeUp until your work is completed
- If you don't receive what you ordered, you're 100% refunded
- You can pay in 4 installments if you have a PayPal account (25€ ex. VAT/month instead of 100€ ex. VAT once, for example)
- I remain available before, during, and after your order for anything you need
(Over a hundred satisfied clients on ComeUp)
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