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👀 Do you want product listings that convert to sell (a lot) on AMAZON FBA?

🔥 Amazon is THE marketplace to target if you want to establish your presence in e-commerce in a sustainable way and generate regular and automatic revenue.

👤 Why?

Because the traffic that Amazon benefits from is simply colossal!

Each month, there are nearly 200 million unique visitors...

..and these figures concern only the US market!

Do you see the potential?

Each passing year, this potential is increasingly significant.

📈 In the year 2022, Amazon achieved a revenue of 514 billion $. This represents a 9% growth in its business compared to 2021, a year that had still benefited from the Covid-19 pandemic.


💰 As you can understand, e-commerce on Amazon represents a huge opportunity...

...and each year, more and more sellers want to take advantage of it.

This naturally leads to an increase in competition.

Naturally, a gap is widening between two categories of sellers:

  • 🤑 Those who benefit from the opportunity offered by Amazon
  • 😔 Those who struggle to find a place on the platform

You don't want to be part of the second category.

So, you need a perfectly optimized product listing in order to:

  • be visible thanks to SEO
  • convert visitors with a convincing description

✔️ This will give you your first positive reviews that will bring you social proof and get you into a virtuous circle.

👉 This service is here to help you.

This involves:

  • A methodical search for the best keywords to redirect qualified traffic to your product page.
  • Writing bullet points to translate your product's features into benefits for your customers.
  • An optimized description for conversion and SEO.


🤝 What I am offering you :

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🔸 1 Amazon product listing - 80 € (-75 %) ➡️ 20 €
✔️ An SEO-optimized title
✔️ 5 titles for the bullet points
✔️ Writing of the 5 bullet points (25 to 50 words each)
✔️ A list of 20 keywords
✔️ A 300-word description
✔️ Formatting of the product's technical features


💬 Any questions?.

Do you have questions about this service?

Don't hesitate to contact me whenever you like by clicking on the "contact the seller" button below, and I will respond as quickly as possible!

See you soon,

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