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Dear Youtuber!

Your videos are showing up on YouTube, but your click-through rate is too low?

Would you like to quickly attract the attention of YouTube users and encourage them to click on your videos?

Are you looking for a professional graphic designer to design your unique and striking YouTube thumbnail?

If you find yourself in one of these situations, then this is the service for you!

I'm offering promotional rates for the next 2 orders for this service, so take advantage of it!

➡️ What is a YouTube thumbnail?
Before finding out why you should create one, let's take a look at what a YouTube thumbnail is.
Also known as a thumbnail, a YouTube thumbnail is a reduced-size copy of an image extracted from your video. The YouTube thumbnail is the equivalent of a book cover in the world of online video. The main purpose of YouTube thumbnails is to encourage viewers to click on them in order to watch videos or clips on your YouTube page.
➡️ What is their main role behind YouTube Videos?
Suppose you've just watched a video and YouTube's algorithm suggests a video with an attractive thumbnail. By instinct, you'll click on it to find out more and maybe even subscribe to the YouTube channel. In fact, our decision whether or not to click on a video often depends on the YouTube thumbnail.
An eye-catching image tends to attract our attention, while a boring or blurry thumbnail doesn't encourage us to click on a video.
This is exactly why a marketer strategically places thumbnails on his videos.
YouTube thumbnails are key elements that can optimize your YouTube growth strategy, so you shouldn't neglect them. If you've monetized your account, your goal is to make money, so you need to drive traffic to your YouTube channel through well-executed thumbnails.


Turning to the main benefits of YouTube thumbnails/thumbnails, we must never forget that these visual snapshots are one of the most crucial video optimizations. So you need thumbnails that are sufficiently creative and precise about the video content. Only then will people click and watch your video on YouTube.

Turning to the main advantages of YouTube thumbnails, we must never forget that these visuals are one of the most crucial video optimizations. So you need thumbnails that are sufficiently creative and precise about the video content. Only then will people click and view a given video on a YouTube channel.

🟠 YouTube thumbnails allow you to:
1. Boost the conversion rates of your YouTube videos
2. Increase people's engagement with your videos.
3. Make your videos remarkably user-friendly.
4. Increase the interactivity of your channel's videos.
5. Talk about your skills and prowess effectively on YouTube.

YouTube video thumbnails are essential for attracting new viewers. It's the first thing your visitors look at to form an opinion of your content. A pixelated, poorly chosen or unattractive image will give your video an amateurish look, which may turn off interested viewers.

🟠Why let me design your YouTube thumbnail?
I'm a qualified graphic designer with over 4 years experience in the design industry. I've had the opportunity to work with many different types of clients. Thanks to my experiences, I'm offering my freelance services with the aim of providing visual communication for new and existing companies that are having difficulty making themselves known on social networks. I take every detail into consideration to help you achieve good results for your business.
My goal is to solve your problems by providing professional and effective visual solutions that best meet your needs.
I will design for you thumbmails that will be subscriber magnets.

By letting me design your YouTube thumbnail, you'll get:

✅ Unique and personalized YouTube thumbnails ;
✅ Attractive and striking YouTube thumbnails;
Aesthetically pleasing, high-quality miniature design;
✅ Fast answers to all your questions;
✅ JPG, PNG and PSD files of your miniature depending on the package chosen;
✅ Expert advice tailored to your situation.

You might be wondering how to create YouTube thumbnails that will bring millions of views to your videos on the youtube platform.
However, it's always advisable to consult professional graphic designers, experts in creating eye-catching designs capable of bringing out exactly what your target audience wants. If you're looking for good examples of thumbnails for your YouTube videos, you can contact me. I'm always happy to help 🙂

Here are the rates I propose.

Design your YouTube thumbnail 🏆 €10
✅ 1 professional thumbnail
✅ PNG or JPG format
✅ Size 1280px / 720px
✅ High resolution: 300 dpi for a high-quality, full-hd miniature
✅ 03 Possible modifications
✅ You must provide me with the images to be used


Your YouTube thumbnails need to be visually appealing, unique and professional in order to attract the maximum number of people to choose your YouTube videos.

So please choose from the different packages I offer :

➕ YouTube banner €20
➕ 5 Retouching €5
➕ 10 Retouching €10
➕PSD source file editable €25
➕ 1 YouTube thumbnail €10
➕ 2 YouTube thumbnails €20
➕ 3 YouTube thumbnails €30
➕ 4 YouTube thumbnails €40
➕ 5 YouTube thumbnails €50
➕ 9 YouTube thumbnails €80
➕ 14 YouTube thumbnails €120
➕ 19 YouTube thumbnails €165
➕ 24 YouTube thumbnails €200

❓FAQ - I answer all your questions!

What is the process to follow?

  1. Choose the pack that suits your needs
  2. Click on the order button to confirm your order
  3. As soon as the order is placed, I'll contact you to ask for some precise information. After that, I start with the careful creation of your YouTube thumbnail.
  4. I present the finished work to you. You then validate it or make any changes you like.
  5. I take care of the modifications and finally I deliver it on time.

How can I be sure of the quality of your work?

🟧 All my visuals are beautiful and professional. I follow a creative process that works every time, I've already been testing these creative methods for over 4 years: which always leads me to stunning results. You can see my previous creations in the service images. In this service I promise you perfectly crafted, quality YouTube thumbnails to encourage more people to watch your YouTube videos.

How can I be sure that your creation will be to my liking?

🟧 Before I start work, I talk to you in depth to understand exactly what you're looking for. Then I give you an initial presentation of the work carried out, so that you can make suggestions or validate the work. I'm always ready to listen to my clients and adapt to their needs, so that in the end your YouTube thumbnails will attract a lot of people to your YouTube channel.

There are a myriad of thumbnail ideas for YouTube that can attract viewers. With me, you can get a winning video miniature to maximize the visibility and improve the number of views of your YouTube videos. I promise a professional, eye-catching rendering at an attractive price and on time delivery.

I promise you a professional, eye-catching rendering with an attractive price and on-time delivery.

What if I have other concerns?

🟧 In that case, let me know any questions or concerns you may have, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I'm here to listen and advise you on creative and innovative design solutions for your situation.

Place your order now and we'll meet in the ComeUp customer-only chatroom.

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