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# Maximize Your Profits with Professional Data Analysis.

Today, **data is an extremely valuable resource for individuals as well as businesses of all sizes and industries**. Data can help you understand market trends, consumer behavior, product and service performance, and much more. However, to leverage your data, you need the skills and knowledge to analyze it and draw relevant conclusions.


Who are We?
Data Analyst is a young statistical agency.
Established for 2 years, Data Analyst consists of dynamic and skilled young statisticians and planners. As such, we offer high-quality analyses and simple, understandable interpretations.

## Work with Experts to Get Customized Analyses That Meet Your Specific Needs.
Our premium service is designed to address your specific data analysis needs.

We will work with you to ~understand your needs and objectives~ and provide you with accurate and reliable ~results that enable you to make informed decisions.~ We have expertise in working with a wide variety of data, including **financial data, sales data, marketing data, biomedical data, production data, and much more.**

## Looking to Maximize the Value of Your Data? We're Here to Help!

Our data analysis process begins with an assessment of your needs and data. We will work with you to understand the data you have available and the objectives you are seeking to achieve. We will also discuss the most appropriate **analysis methods for your business**, including **statistical tests, forecasting models, and segmentation analyses.**

*Once we have assessed your needs, we can start analyzing your data. We have access to state-of-the-art data analysis tools and the expertise to interpret the results accurately and meaningfully. We will work with you to present the results in a clear and concise manner, using charts and tables to facilitate understanding.*

But our work doesn't stop there.
*We are also here to help you implement the recommendations resulting from our data analysis. We can assist you in identifying actions to improve your company's performance and provide guidance on how to implement measures to track and evaluate your progress.*

Ultimately, our goal is to help you **leverage your data.**


~Our expertise is available to everyone without distinction.~

Thus, whether you need it in the business field, we have, and we will help you achieve your goals.

Specifically, we assist:


We conduct data analysis for companies, including ~sales data, marketing data, human resources data, or any other type of data.~ Our skills allow us, among other things, to reduce operating expenses, conduct market research, enhance workplace productivity, and make better decisions.


Our services are available to students completing their studies who ~require high-quality, concise, and refined analyses for their final projects or theses.~

## Trust us and enjoy the best experience on the website.

We can perform:

**Advanced interactive graphical representations** using R Studio, Excel, Stata, or SPSS.

**Univariate descriptive analysis of your data** (mode, median, mean, quantiles, range, interquartile range, mean absolute deviation, standard deviation).

**Bivariate descriptive analysis of your data** (correlation test, chi-square test).

**Multidimensional analysis** (Principal Component Analysis (PCA),

**Correspondence Analysis** (CA), Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA)).

**Analysis of variance** (ANOVA) with one or multiple factors.

** Linear and generalized regression** (binary logistic regression, ordered polytomous regression, unordered polytomous regression).

**Penalized regressions** (LASSO, RIDGE, PLS, PCR).

**Survival analysis** (Kaplan-Meier, semi-parametric Cox models).

**Genetic data analysis** (differential gene expression, gene-disease association, etc.).

**Unsupervised classification** (K-means, Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering (HAC), Partitioning Around Medoids (PAM) algorithm, etc.).

**Supervised classification** (K-nearest neighbors (KNN), decision trees, random forests, neural networks, etc.).

** Advanced prediction models based on multiple algorithms** (ensemble models).

**Design of Shiny applications** for prediction or dashboards for result presentation.

**Interactive mapping.**

## Give your business a competitive edge by making informed decisions.

What we offer.

For 5 euros, you will receive:

*Univariate descriptive analysis of up to five (05) variables.
*Graphical representation (histogram, pie chart) of up to 05 variables.
*Interpretation for each variable.
All delivered within 24 hours.



**Student Package** (150€)

**This package meets the needs of students who require analysis for their dissertations, theses, or reports.** Here, we will understand the objectives the student aims to achieve in their scientific work and fulfill them.

Specifically, we will assist the student by conducting necessary univariate and bivariate analyses, providing suitable graphs, conducting required independence tests, and providing interpretations.


Univariate descriptive analysis of up to 10 variables for 10€.

Time series analysis (prediction of a single series over a given period) for 20€.

Correlation test between pairwise quantitative variables from a dataset of up to 5 quantitative variables for 25€.

Chi-square test between pairwise qualitative variables from a dataset of up to 5 qualitative variables for 25€.

Correspondence Analysis (CA) for 35€.

One-way ANOVA for 40€.

Discriminant analysis for 40€.

Simple linear or binary logistic regression for 40€.

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) or Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) for 50€.

Ordered or unordered polytomous regression for 50€.

Supervised classification (pre-processing included) for 50€ per algorithm.

Unsupervised classification (pre-processing included) for 60€ per algorithm.

Choropleth mapping based on a variable for 50€ (+30€ for interactive mapping).

Penalized regression for 80€ per algorithm.

Survival analysis (Kaplan-Meier for differential survival) for 70€.

Survival analysis (Cox model for explanatory analysis) for 80€.

Genetic analysis: differential expression (tests + adjustment + heatmap) for 100€.

Express delivery.


It is important to note that before starting your order, **you must inform us of your objectives and provide us with the smallest details of your work.** This will allow us to better meet your expectations. Our list of offerings is **not exhaustive**, so it is important to clearly state your requirements.

To place an order, you must provide us with your database in Excel, Csv, txt, xml, STATA, or SPSS format.

At the end of the order, you will receive a PDF (or Word if needed) file containing the results of our analysis.

## See you soon in the chat.

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