I will share with you all my recommendations for your trip in Switzerland

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Would you like to discover the breathtaking scenery of the Swiss Alps, stroll through the picturesque streets of historic towns and discover the local culture ?

Hello everyone,

I am a Swiss guy and I'm simply passionate about my country, about its history and its landscape. And I'd like to share my best recommendations for travelers to enjoy and discover Switzerland from the best angles.

I've traveled across the country by bike, on foot, by train and by car, and I love discovering new regions. Because don't get me wrong, despite its small size, Switzerland is an extremely rich country, (no pun intended here) each region are unique and with its own particularities.

Initially, I made this map for myself. To remind myself of the best places I'd visited by chance, and to take note of the must-sees I'd have to visit once.

The result is a totally comprehensive map that can be used by any type of traveler. From romantic weekends to family vacations, not forgetting lovers of fondue and other Swiss delicacies :)

You will find around 250 personnal recommendations, they include :
The most beautiful cities, charming mountain villages, easily accessible view point, iconic ski resorts, wellness and spas, museums, historical monuments, and much more.

This selection is suitable both for a tourist who discovers the country for the first time and for the amateur in search of places unknown to the general public. Each profil of traveler will find their slice of joy.

The map is created on MyMaps and you will be able to use it also on GoogleMaps. You will be able to navigate freely and explore the different recommendations, these are illustrated by images and accompanied by a brief presentation text that I wrote myself.

So you can have an overview of the best attractions in Switzerland and easily organize your trip.

Enjoy your vacation in Switzerland ! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful stay here.

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