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New 2023 service: copywriting with AI makes its grand entrance into my range of services!

Would you like to obtain content for your website or blog quickly? Would you like to generate natural traffic and get your name out there without having to resort to paid advertising? Then my artificial intelligence copywriting service is just what you need!

Having a blog or an e-commerce site isn't the easiest thing in the world these days. It's important not only to stand out from the crowd, but also to rise quickly in the search results. Nothing could be simpler: opt for copywriting using Artificial Intelligence.

With AI, you'll get high-quality articles that are also highly optimised. Whatever the subject you want to cover, Artificial Intelligence has all the information and knowledge you need to produce a quality article.

With this service, you'll get an article tailored to your needs, with relevant information. Would you like to have your article written without using artificial intelligence? That's still possible, just visit this service!

What are the advantages of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has many advantages:
✅ Relevant articles with real information.
✅ Optimised content that meets the standards set by Google.
✅ Quickly created content to feed your blog regularly.

But going to an artificial intelligence text generator isn't the only thing you'll need to do. While articles can be created easily, it's still important to have the expertise of a writer to improve them. That's why you should call on my services.


For €10, I offer you a 500-word article written by artificial intelligence. The article in question will be proofread and simply corrected. Repetitions will be removed and sentences that are too long will be reworded.

The rate will then be €10 per 500 words.
Packs to complete your service
If you really want expertise on your texts, here are the different packs I can offer you.

Silver Pack Titanium Pack Platinum Pack
In-depth proofreading and editing* In-depth proofreading and editing In-depth proofreading and editing
A cover image A cover image
CMS Pack (integrating tags into the document) CMS Pack (integrating tags into the document)
Bold words
Internal linking (up to three links)
100€ 200€ 300€

*In-depth proofreading and correction of your text simply allows you to reformulate certain parts of the text. This way, your content will have a soul and won't be impersonal.
Adding words
With this service, you can customise your order in terms of the number of words. Of course, it's possible to split the number of words into several items. You may or may not give me the desired number of words per item.

A few instructions to bear in mind

⭕ Politeness. I am always polite to my clients and feel I am entitled to the same, even if we disagree on something.
⭕ For a retouch request to be accepted, please remain polite and courteous. I understand that we don't necessarily have the same vision of the final rendering, but your request must be formulated politely and without aggression. Also, you have 24 hours following a retouch request to tell me what needs to be changed. Once the 24 hours have passed, the retouch request will be automatically refused.
⭕ If I ask you for resources on your subject. In fact, sometimes subjects don't offer a huge number of resources and you may ask me for a retouch. It will be accepted if you send me information allowing me to clarify certain points within my article.
⭕ Refunds can be made when the order has not yet been validated or when the order is in progress. Nevertheless, whether it's in one case or the other, I prefer that you talk to me about it beforehand so that I understand your reasons for cancelling the order. Please note that I will never issue a refund, either before or during an order. A refund will not be possible when a retouching request has been made.
⭕ I don't work weekends. Therefore, orders that fall on a Saturday or Sunday will be sent by Friday evening at the latest.

Frequently asked questions

I need several items, can I order several in one order?
Yes, of course you can. The packs are designed so that you can take one to four items per order. However, you can add additional words to your basic order. The options of each pack will also apply to the addition of words desired.

I still haven't received a response to my order validation or to the message I sent. Is this normal?
I have 48 hours to validate an order. I may not have had time to consider your request or question, and it may sometimes take longer, even though I do my utmost to optimise my response time.

My text doesn't meet my expectations, what can I do?
I'm really sorry about that, and you're perfectly welcome to ask for two corrections per order. Please make sure that these are clear and precise.

I'd like to have my order delivered early, but I don't want to pay for express delivery. Is this possible?
Express delivery is an option that allows you to be delivered earlier. Express delivery is expensive because I have to rearrange my schedule. To be delivered earlier, you'll have to pay for this option.

I placed an order with a specific subject. Can I change it during the order process?
No, once the order has been placed and validated by me, you will no longer be able to change the subject. You will therefore have to place a new order, if necessary.

In what format is the article delivered?
In .docx format, but it is possible to have it delivered in another format on request.

Do you deliver items on time?
Yes, as indicated on my profile, I have a 100% on-time delivery rate. I can sometimes deliver ahead of schedule, depending on the weather and my progress.

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