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⭐ Rédac Design : Your social network management service ⭐

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🚀 Get your online presence off the ground with our professional Community Management service!

Do you dream of a dynamic, engaged and growing online community? Our team of passionate Community Managers is here to make this dream come true by implementing a tailor-made community management strategy that will help you stand out on digital platforms.


Why choose our Community Management service?

  • Social Media expertise 👨🎓 : Our Community Managers are social media experts, with an in-depth understanding of the different platforms, emerging trends and best practices. They will know how to create and maintain an effective presence for your brand on the relevant social networks.

  • Increased engagement 💬 : We're committed to building an engaged community around your brand. Through authentic interactions, quick responses to comments and posts, we'll create strong bonds with your audience.

  • Consistent Content Management 📅 : Our team plans, creates and publishes quality content regularly to keep your community interested and informed. Each publication will be aligned with your visual identity and brand objectives.

  • Reputation Monitoring 🧐 : We constantly monitor online discussions about your brand and respond quickly to negative comments or potential issues. We strive to maintain a positive image of your company.


Our Community Management Services:

  • Social Network Management 📲 : We take care of the complete management of your social media accounts, whether on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, ....

  • Content Creation 🎨 : Our creative team designs engaging publications, captivating visuals, compelling stories and compelling videos to engage your audience.

  • Responses to Comments and Messages 💌 : We respond in a professional and friendly manner to all comments, direct messages and mentions about your brand, to strengthen the bonds with your followers.

  • Contests and Campaigns 🏅 : We run stimulating contests and hard-hitting campaigns to attract new followers and retain your existing community.

For €5:

We'll make a publication on the social network of your choice. A publication can be a text, a visual or a quiz, all personalized and adapted to your audience. Please consider our options for more elaborate support.

Our options:

  • Media: for managing, planning and publishing content on your chosen network(s). Proportional to the number of social networks you wish to delegate, this option is classified into 1 media, 2 medias, 3 medias... according to the number of publications per social network over one month, each class is partitioned into sub-classes including STARTER (for 3 publications / week), PRO (for 5 publications / week), and CHAMP (for 7 publications / week).
  • Message and comment management: We'll respond to comments, direct messages and questions from your subscribers in a timely manner. This option can be combined and run for the duration of the Media (30 days) or Test (7 days) offer chosen by opting for "Add Message and Comment Management". If you only wish to manage your messages and comments for 30 days, check only the "Message and Comment Management" option, which corresponds to the number of networks to be supported. This option is limited to 100 messages and comments for a single social network, and to 350 messages and comments (all networks combined) for more than one social network (max. 4).
  • Slide: for the creation of Instagram carousels to be integrated as content. If you entrust us with several Instagram accounts, we can divide the number of available carousels between them.
  • Story: for the creation of Facebook / Instagram stories to be integrated as content. If you entrust us with several Instagram accounts and Facebook pages, we can distribute the number of available stories among them.
  • Story: for the creation of Facebook / Instagram stories to be integrated as content.
  • Reel / Tiktok / Short : for the creation of eye-catching videos to be integrated as content.
  • Editorial calendar: An editorial calendar lets you plan ahead what you're going to publish, ensuring consistency in your posts and avoiding last-minute stress. By using an editorial calendar, you stay organized, maintain a regular presence, coordinate your marketing efforts and offer your audience a constant flow of captivating content. You can order an editorial calendar separately if you'd like a roadmap for the content you create and publish yourself.
  • Creation in French: We are natives of a bilingual country (French and English as official languages), which makes all our services available in these 02 languages. Don't hesitate to check this option if your target audience is French-speaking.

N.B: For the "Media" and "Test" options, the publications we create (if you haven't provided any content) are mainly texts, personalized visuals and quizzes/polls. You'll need to associate options such as "Slide" "Story" or "Reel / Tiktok / Short"... to diversify the content we create for you. Alternatively, you're free to contribute your own content of any kind, free of charge, and to submit your own editorial calendar.

Please see the list of options below the description for our full range of offers. Contact us for more information or assistance.


How does it work?

Dear customer,

Thank you for your interest in our community manager service. To ensure a successful and optimal collaboration, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Before we begin, please clarify your objectives and expectations regarding our management of your social networks. This will enable us to better understand your needs and develop an appropriate strategy.

  • Identify your audience:** Provide us with detailed information about your target audience. This will enable us to create relevant and engaging content for your community.

  • Social account access: For us to work effectively, we'll need partial access to your social media accounts. You can create a temporary account or provide us with the necessary access information.

  • Collaboration and communication:** We will work closely together to ensure the successful management of your social networks. Make sure you're available for ComeUp chat.

  • Content and calendar:** If you already have content ideas or special events to promote, please share them with us. Otherwise, we'll be happy to create an editorial calendar tailored to your needs.

  • To maintain brand consistency, please tell us about your company's values, personality and voice. This will enable me to act as your brand ambassador on social networks.

  • Message and comment management: When you have included this option, we commit to responding to comments, direct messages and questions from your subscribers in a timely manner. If there are questions that require your specific expertise, I will keep you informed so that you can obtain the appropriate answers.

  • Duration of collaboration:** Clarify the desired duration of our collaboration. Whether for a short-term project or long-term management, a clear definition of expectations on both sides will facilitate planning.

By following these guidelines, we'll be able to work together efficiently and productively to develop your online presence, strengthen your community and achieve your marketing objectives.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, or if you'd like to discuss how we can get started.

Best regards,
Redac Design


Entrust your online presence to our team of experienced Community Managers and get ready to see your community grow and prosper. Start creating a powerful and influential online presence for your brand today!


Please contact us for more information or assistance.

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