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Your most dazzling TikTok videos await you here with an ULTRA PRO montage!

Imagine your TikTok channel as an epic manga, and you as the charismatic protagonist at the heart of the action. Well, I am your "editing master," your battle partner who will amplify your potential and propel you to unforeseen heights!

Like a master of ninja techniques, I will meticulously craft each sequence, adding spectacular special effects to bring out your badass side. Together, we will forge videos that exceed all expectations and make history in the world of TikTok!
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+130 projects where entrepreneurs like you have already placed their trust in me and have been completely satisfied:

My name is Bernard, and I have been a professional video editor since 2020.

Thanks to this expertise, I have supported dozens and dozens of entrepreneurs like you in over 130 projects on ComeUp.

And here's what they say about me:

Bobital (+380,000 subscribers, Educ Dog): "Bernard, great job!"
Robin_Faure (+20,000 subscribers, CarJager): "Huge thanks to Bernard! **The work done is absolutely incredible! Additionally, he is someone who listens extremely well. I can only recommend him! Kudos for the work, kudos for his humanity! ;)"
nourriturespi (+23,000 subscribers, Nourriture Spirituelle): "Bernard was very professional, very satisfied, I recommend!!"
Clément (+75,000 subscribers, Mon coach séduction): "TOP!"
Over a hundred satisfied clients on ComeUp

Just as an expert samurai wields his sword, I will handle the source videos with fluidity to create videos with a breathless pace, captivating your audience like an irresistible genjutsu!

As the Basic Offer, I will create a Complete and Ultra PRO TikTok edit :
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- Up to 2 minutes of source videos
- Color correction
- Visual effects
- Music
- 2 revisions
- Zooms + cuts
- Animated subtitles
- Image/B-roll research
- Final duration of up to 45 seconds
- Video delivered in vertical Full HD 1080P format
- Video delivered in MP4, MOV, or AVI file format according to your choice
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More options at the bottom of the page.
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And be aware, we won't just shine through action, oh yes!
Like an emotionally charged shonen manga, I will enhance all the poignant moments, overflowing laughter, and surprising revelations in the editing to touch the hearts of your entire niche!

Together, we will craft a legendary TikTok saga, and you will become the undisputed hero of vertical content!

Are you ready to embark on this epic adventure? Choose your options below and click on the "Order" button to start and let's move forward together on this quest towards your TikTok greatness!

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