I will teaching you to become an astrologer for children's charts

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I'll teach you easily how to use astrology to better understand children's needs!

Hello, I'm Sébastien Rajan, I'm an astrologer and I'm offering you my astrology training for children's charts.

Whether you're a parent, educator or interested in astrology, whether you have a passion for children, this course is for you!

It includes 14 teaching modules, 27 explanatory videos and practical exercises.

Course description:

Introduction - Composed of 4 videos:
Explanation: astrotheme, astromail, astrocycle and course introduction video.

Modules ( 1 videos)

1. Theme structure
Exercise video with Tom Hanks and Bill Gates chart

2. Planetary positions
3 video exercises with Julia Roberts, Tina Turner and Johnny

3. What a child expects from his father
Exercise video - Vanessa Paradis chart

4. The psychic structure between child and father
Video example - K. Costner's chart
Exercise video - C. Ronaldo chart

5. What the child expects from his mother
Sample video - M. Douglas chart
Exercise video - C.G Jung's chart

6. The psychic structure between child and mother
Video example - J. Depp chart
Exercise video - N.Mandela chart

7. Different educational principles for the child
Sample video - H. Ledger chart
Exercise video - P.Newman chart

8. How to talk to the child
Video exercise - D. Moore chart

9. Mercury and the faculty of learning
Exercise video - E. Piaf chart

10. The child's potential and aptitude
How to use "astromail.fr" video
Video example - L. Da Vinci chart
Video exercise - G. Kelly and C. Diaz chart

11. In-depth analysis of the child's way of loving and acting
Video exercise - Lady Gaga chart

12. The 12 areas of life - The astrological houses
Video exercise - V. Hugo's chart

13. The ascendant - Child behavior
Video exercise - Martin Luther King's chart

14. The child and self-realization
Video exercise - Napoleon 1st chart

This training is specifically geared to interpreting children's charts, but it's also possible to do it for ourselves, to rediscover the expectations and relationship with our parents that we had as children.

It can also be used as an additional source of income if you wish to turn it into a professional activity.

Through it, you'll discover and learn, one by one, all the steps to enable you to interpret any child's natal chart.

Discover their educational needs, access their universe and accompany them in their personal evolution thanks to this wonderful and complete tool.

Guiding them on their life path will be a real fulfillment for you.

(Diploma available on request after validation).
( ebook available on request)

Sébastien Rajan - Consulting Astrologer

Training rights reserved / Sébastien-Rajan-2023

The original price is 199 euros and is available here with - 70%!
An e-book is available on request

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