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Dominate the Mobile World. Expertise with mobile applications (Android and iOS💪📱)

Do you have a brilliant idea for a mobile application and dream of seeing it come to life on both Android and iOS platforms? Look no further! My custom mobile app development service is designed to turn your ideas into reality, providing an exceptional user experience across the two major mobile ecosystems.

👋 Hi, I'm Koné Adama, a web and mobile developer since 2015. I've had the opportunity to work with several companies to help them get closer to their business by developing mobile applications (Android and iOS) for them. These years in the field of creation have allowed me to sharpen my expertise ✨.
Have you ever faced two products of the same type, 🏆 one of good quality with a high price 💰 and the other of low quality? You decided to choose the one with a moderately high price without knowing that it was of poor quality. After some time, you regretted 😔 because it had already deteriorated, whereas you could have bought the higher-priced one. Avoid wasting your time ⏳ and money 💸. That's why I invite you to trust me. 😉

Thanks to the enormous projects I've worked on to develop mobile applications (Android & iOS) with Ionic, I will create applications tailored to your needs. 💼💪

Here is a list of features I offer for mobile app development in the table below.

Note: All these options come with a maximum of two revisions.

Package / Option Additional Time Price (in euros) Description
Basic Package 50.00 Get an initial mockup of your mobile app with a maximum of two revisions.
Authentication System 3 days 100.00 Allows users to securely log in, log out, and register in your app.
Landing Page with Cards 3 days 75.00 Create an attractive home page with distinct sections showcasing key features of your app.
List Display Page 2 days 80.00 Display organized content in list format for easy navigation within your app. (For example, if it's an e-commerce app, this page would display the list of products.)
Detail Page 2 days 90.00 Display detailed information about a selected item from the list, enhancing the user experience. (For example, if it's an e-commerce app, this page would display the details of a product.)
Payment Gateway Integration 6 days 280.00 Allow users to make secure payments directly from your app (Paypal, Visa, etc.).
Multilanguage - Internationalization - i18n 10 days 300.00 Enable your app to support multiple languages.
Search Functionality 3 days 150.00 Integrate a search bar to allow users to quickly find specific information within the app. (For example, if it's an e-commerce app, this option would enable users to search for products by name.)
Filtering Functionality 2 days 50.00 Add filtering options so users can sort and display content according to their preferences. (For example, if it's an e-commerce app, this feature would allow users to filter products by name, price, etc.)
Chat Functionality 7 days 400.00 Integrate a real-time chat system to facilitate communication among users within the app. (For example, if it's an e-commerce app, the chat may allow stakeholders to converse.)
Push Notifications 4 days 100.00 Send instant notifications to keep users informed of updates and important events.
PDF Document Generation Functionality 3 days 100.00 Enable users to generate PDF documents from the app's content. (For example, if it's an e-commerce app, this feature would allow users to export invoices as PDFs.)
Scanning Functionality 3 days 100.00 Integrate scanning functionality to allow users to capture information using their device's camera.
Social Media Authentication (Facebook, Google) 3 days 150.00 Allow users to log in to the app using their existing Facebook or Google accounts.
Integration of Existing APIs 3 days 70.00 Retrieve or manipulate data stored in an existing API.
Custom API Development (NodeJs & Spring Boot) 7 days 250.00 Create new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) specifically for your app, enabling seamless communication between components.
Launch Animation (Splash Screen) 3 days 50.00 Add an engaging animation when the app starts for a captivating user experience.
Project Source Code No additional time 50.00 Receive complete access to your app's source code for future customization or maintenance.
Publication on Playstore with your own account 2 days 30.00 Publish the app on the Google Play Store using your own developer account.
Publication on AppStore with your own account 3 days 50.00 Publish the app on Apple's App Store using your own developer account.
API Deployment 2 days 30.00 Deploy your API on a server to make it accessible online for use by your app.
Firebase Integration 3 days 50.00 Integrate the Firebase platform to leverage advanced features such as authentication, data storage, and notifications.
Email Notification 3 days 100.00 Configure automatic email notifications to keep users informed of app activities and updates.
20 Revisions 4 days 50.00 This option includes 20 revisions.

Note: If you're unsure which package to choose, please leave me a message so that I can guide you at the end of our discussion.
Note1: For Android, I will provide the APK executable, and for iOS, the IPA file.

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