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🚀Elevate Your Brand to the Next Level with a Custom Logo that Represents Your Identity and Captivates Your Audience🌟🎨

Before we start, I have some great news to share with you! 😍

Actually, this is a special welcome gift for a few people, including you. Well, to allow companies, e-commerce brands with a YouTube channel or video content creators (youtubers) to expand their channel during this 4th quarter period, I'm offering them 20% off on this service. For example, on the basic service, you will get it for $10 so you save $5.

But first, you know very well that without a distinctive and professional logo, it's hard to stand out from the competition.

This can lead to a loss of visibility and, consequently, a decrease in business opportunities😥.

Moreover, without a professional logo, your company might be perceived as less credible or reliable.

This can:

❌ Deter potential clients from doing business with you.

❌ Make it challenging to create a consistent brand identity, which is crucial for marketing and customer loyalty.

The absence of a professional logo can negatively impact various aspects of your business, from customer perception to attracting investments.

That's why investing in a quality logo is not just a good idea but often a necessity for long-term success.

And there's more…🥰

A good logo:

Strengthens your brand image.

Grabs attention.

And aids in memorizing your company.

It acts as a silent yet effective marketing tool that contributes to credibility and trust towards your business.

This can enhance the perceived value of your product or service, allowing you to set higher prices and increase your margins.

It can also facilitate entry into new markets or niches, giving a positive first impression that can be decisive.

And I believe that's what you want for your brand.

Now, I have two questions for you:

❌ Do you want your brand to get lost in the crowd of unnoticed businesses?

✅ Or do you now wish to be visible and inspire trust to promote your business with a clear logo?

I know you'll answer YES to the second question.

If that's the case, I'm here to swiftly elevate your brand to the next level with a logo that sets you apart from everything else…

My service involves creating a unique and professional logo for your business or brand🔥.

The design process is meticulous, considering your needs, values, and target demographic. The end result is a logo that's not only aesthetically pleasing but also conveys the essence of your business🚀.

Can you imagine the growth this could bring to your business??😍

It means more visibility, more trust from your visitors, and more recurring revenue.

That's why I'll create your own logo, and you'll receive it in various formats for different uses, whether it's for your business cards, portfolio, websites (showcase sites), or marketing materials.

If I were in your shoes, I'd be wondering what are the benefits of this service I'm offering you.

Isn't that the next question on your mind!?


Firstly, you benefit from the expertise of a professional and creative graphic designer who understands the nuances of logo design.

My service is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring a result that fully satisfies you👍.

I offer great flexibility in terms of revisions, allowing you to make changes until you're completely happy with the final result.

And there's more…😲

You'll also receive your logo in various file formats as I mentioned earlier, giving you the freedom to use it however you see fit, be it for printed or digital materials (flyers, posters, brochures, social media banners…).

It's a long-term investment for your business, ensuring a strong and consistent brand identity.

My logo creation service follows a five-step process to guarantee you get exactly what you want. These steps are:

✅ Initial consultation,
✅ Research and brainstorming,
✅ Design,
✅ Revision,
✅ And final delivery.

This service offers a comprehensive solution for your branding, from initial design to delivery and beyond.

It not only allows you to get a quality logo but also to build a robust brand identity that will serve your business for many years.

It's an investment that provides an excellent return on investment, as a clear and readable logo can increase brand awareness, attract more customers, and ultimately boost revenue.

So, if you're looking to give your business the visual identity it deserves, my service is the perfect solution for you✅🔥.

I am Abdoulaye, a freelance graphic designer for ambitious digital businesses like yours.

Companies that want to remain memorable in their customers' minds (or consumers) through graphic representations that embody their values and personality. I use my creativity in copywriting to create an irresistible logo. That's why my skills are not limited only to brand identity creation.

I'm familiar with branding tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva…

What sets me apart from other sellers here on Come Up is my commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

I'm not just an executor; I'm a creative partner who takes the time to understand your needs and objectives.

My design process is transparent, meaning you'll be involved at every step to ensure the final product is exactly what you had in mind👍.

Moreover, I always stay updated with the latest design trends and technology, allowing me to create logos that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and relevant to your target market.

I believe that the best advertisement is a satisfied client, and that's why I always strive to exceed your expectations. With me, you won't be just another client, but a valued partner in your branding journey🚀.

I work with a variety of clients, ranging from individuals, SMEs, startups to large corporations.

My references include well-known brands across various sectors, attesting to the quality and versatility of my work.

Whether you're a small local business or a large international brand, my approach remains the same: provide top-notch service tailored to your specific needs.

I take pride in the diversity of my portfolio and my clients' satisfaction, allowing me to say that no matter your industry, I can create a logo that will help you stand out💯.

I'm also open to long-term collaborations and special projects.

My goal is to build lasting relationships with my clients, providing a service that exceeds their expectations.

If you're looking for a graphic designer who can not only create an exceptional and memorable logo but also understand the nuances of your business, then you're in the right place. I'm here to help you succeed.

You're probably wondering what I offer in my basic package!🥰

Ok! Here's the basic offer that will also allow you to check my creativity loved by several businesses like yours:

💼 BASIC PACK at €10
Free 20 min call on Come Up
Suitable typography choice
2 custom logo samples
3 tweaks (texts, colors)
JPG format 700x700px
72 dpi resolution

Don't want to stop at the basic offer and want to make a bigger impact with a timeless logo?

Check out the additional offers below that I propose, tailored to your budget.

These options include additional logo proposals, unlimited revisions, source files, and much more.

💼 SILVER PACK at €30 instead of €40
Free 20 min call on Come Up
2 logo proposals
Unlimited revisions
Suitable typography choice
JPG and PNG formats, HD images
300 dpi resolution
Copyright on the logo offered
Social Media Logo Format
🎁 Bonus: 1 mockup of the logo on any element you want
💼 GOLD PACK at €65 instead of €85
Free 20 min call on Come Up
4 logo proposals
Unlimited revisions
Suitable typography choice
PDF, JPG, and PNG formats, HD images
300 dpi resolution
Copyright on the logo offered
Social Media Logo Format
Logo Favicon (for your website)
🎁 Bonus: 1 mockup of the logo on any element you want

Looking to get the maximum with all the benefits? Opt for the following pack:

💼 VIP ENTERPRISE PACKS at €150 instead of €190
Free 30 min call on Come Up
5 Custom logo samples
Suitable typography choice
Unlimited tweaks (texts, colors, ...)
JPG and PNG Ultra HD image formats
300 dpi resolution
Copyright on the logo offered
Social Media Logo Format
Logo Favicon (for your website)
Mockup (real rendering)
Vector source files Ai, Eps, Psd
Simplified graphic charter
🎁 Bonus: 2 mockups of the logo on any element you want


⛔ What is the average cost of logo creation by a freelancer?

The cost can vary depending on the freelancer's experience and the complexity of the logo. My packages start at €10 because I guarantee professional and unique work.

⛔ How long does logo creation with a freelancer take?

Generally, I deliver your logo within 2 to 5 business days, depending on complexity and client requirements.

⛔ What are the benefits of choosing your freelance logo creation service?

I've already helped entrepreneurs like you get their brand known with a logo before coming to Come Up. I also offer a variety of packages tailored to different budgets, with unlimited revision options and included source files.

⛔ What file formats are provided?

You will receive your logo in PNG, JPG formats, and for higher packages, in AI, EPS, and SVG.

⛔ How does the logo creation process work?

After choosing your package, you will receive a brief to fill out. Once received, the creation process begins. And I will keep you updated as I progress until delivery.

⛔ What is your revision policy?

I offer up to 3 free revisions for the basic package. Higher packages offer unlimited revisions.

⛔ Do I own the copyright to my logo?

Yes, all copyrights are transferred to you once the final work is done.

⛔ How do I place an order if I'm ready today?

To place an order, it's simple:

✅ Select the option that best meets your needs.

✅ Click on the "ORDER" button in black and then fill out the page. (Opt for EXPRESS delivery if you need it urgently.)

✅ Confirm your order by pressing "PAY...".

Reply to the automatic message that will be sent after order confirmation, and I will get to work to bring your project to life!

But you are free to contact me, and with a direct call on COMEUP, I will understand your project to recommend the most suitable package before your order😇.

Don't wait any longer to give your business the visual identity it deserves👍.

Contact me today to discuss your logo needs and see how I can help you achieve your branding goals.

I'm looking forward to working with you and contributing to your success😍.

Click on the 'CONTACT' button below and let's start this journey together🚀🔥.

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