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Supercharge your business with Odoo module installation and customization: All-in-one for growth, productivity, and optimized management 💼🚀📈

Are you looking to solve problems, improve your business activities, and optimize your operations? With Odoo, you can benefit from a comprehensive and customizable business management solution. Whether you're a clinic, factory, store, supermarket, small, medium, or large enterprise, Odoo can be tailored to your needs.


My journey as an Odoo expert began 7 years ago when I discovered the revolutionary promise of this all-in-one business management solution. Since then, I've worked with a multitude of companies of all sizes and industries, solving complex challenges and optimizing their processes through Odoo.

👋 Hi, I'm Koné Adama, a web developer since 2015, and among my clients... Some just needed basic Odoo modules, others required module customization, and some needed me to develop new modules to meet their specific needs.

There were also those who wanted to migrate from Salesforce to Odoo, and others simply wanted to import data using Python and the XML-RPC protocol.

Success Stories.

Here are some examples of projects I successfully completed:

TechnoStorage 😊

Some time ago, TechnoStorage, a leading company in the storage industry, faced a dilemma. They had been using Salesforce to manage their sales, billing, and customer relationship management (CRM) operations for years, but they felt the need for a change. Operating costs were high, flexibility was limited, and they were looking for a customizable CRM solution that could meet their specific needs while providing an efficient billing solution.

Today, TechnoStorage looks confidently toward the future. Thanks to Odoo and our strong partnership, they are ready to tackle new challenges, grow, and thrive using our flexible and customizable business management modules. 😃

Dgl Media Consulting 🌟

Dgl Media specialized in online advertising and provided high-quality services to its clients. However, a complex issue persisted: how to efficiently manage billing for mixed services, ranging from one-time services to monthly subscriptions, while maintaining quality CRM? How to collect recurring payments from their clients via credit card or SEPA direct debits? 🤔

Just like with La bijouterie Rahiti, Centre Pare-Brise, and many others, I'm ready to accompany you on your own journey to success with Odoo, developing customized solutions for your specific business and customer relationship needs. 😊🚀


Have you ever faced two products of the same type, 🏆 one of good quality with a high price 💰 and the other of low quality? You decided to choose the one with the moderately high price without knowing that it was of poor quality. Some time later, you regretted 😔 because it had already deteriorated, whereas you could have bought the higher-priced one. Avoid wasting your time ⏳ and money 💸. That's why I invite you to trust me. 😉

What Are My Rates? 💲💰

✅ You get a 1-hour session via ComeUp to better understand your needs.
✅ Installation of an Odoo instance if you have a server (VPS) 🖥️
✅ Adding your logo to Odoo 🖼️
✅ Adding your company's information such as name, contact, email... 📇

Take It to the Next Level! 🔝

✅ Link to your domain and SSL configuration for secure connection 🔒
✅ Configuration of modules such as Sales, Invoicing, Projects, Inventory, Website, Employees, Purchases, CRM, Employees according to your needs
✅ Customization of 2 modules to adapt them to your needs✔️
✅ Configuration testing to ensure smooth operation ✔️
🚫 If you want customization of one more module, I invite you to take the MODULE CUSTOMIZATION PACKAGE.
⏱️ Timeframe: 3 days
✅ Integration of bank payment methods (Bank transfer, SEPA Direct Debit). 🔒
✅ Integration of payment gateways (Adyen, Alipay, Buckaroo, Mollie, Ogone, PayPal, PayU Latam, PayUMoney, SIPS, Stripe)
✅ I will integrate up to 5 payment gateways
⏱️ Timeframe: 3 days
✅ Customization and modification of existing Odoo modules to meet your specific needs.
✅ This rate is for one module.
⏱️ Timeframe: 2 days
✅ Odoo configuration.
✅ Data import from Salesforce or another platform
✅ A widely-used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.
✅ Assistance in smoothly migrating from Salesforce to Odoo.
✅ Reliable and secure transfer of your data.
✅ Migration from older versions to a recent Odoo version.
✅ Examples: Odoo12 -> Odoo 16, Odoo14 -> Odoo16.
⏱️ Timeframe: 7 days
COACHING + E-BOOK PACKAGE (+€100/person)
✅ Individual and personalized training.
✅ Access to an e-book written by me for effective use of the modules I have created for you.
✅ Answers to your questions.
✅ PDF e-book explaining the use of Odoo and the configurations made on your database.
✅ Maximum 10 pages e-book 📄.
✅ Maximum 30 questions 📄.
⏱️ Timeframe: 5 days

❌❌❌ ATTENTION: In the case of Linux servers, there may be existing bugs that could hinder smooth operation.

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