I will make you 20 delicious and healthy Filipino recipes

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Are you a food lover?
Wanted to try Filipino delicacies but no budget for traveling yet?

No worries! you found a good cook here, well I am not a chef but i do cooking since I am 12 years old so It is really basic for me. I love writing/recording recipes that I have learned from my parents and friends, especially recipes that is really new and healthy. I do cooking veggies and deserts and sell to our neighborhoods and it is always sold out.

These recipes will be perfect for you if you are a vegetarian or wants to lose weight.

I offer 20 delicious and healthy Filipino recipes with complete step by step directions, for only 10 Euros.

My recipes will include Filipino deserts, vegetables and etc. with easy to be found ingredients.

Please note! ingredients will not include msg or other preserved taste booster. As we aim to cook healthy and naturally yummy!

Here are the options that you can choose to:

20 delicacies / recipes ------ 10Euros will be delivered in just 1 day
30 delicacies / recipes ------ 15Euros will be delivered in 2 days
40 delicacies / recipes ------ 20Euros will be delivered in 3 days
50 delicacies / recipes ------ 25Euros will be delivered in 4days

These recipes will be delivered in Word document with sample pictures.

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