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Do you want to...

✅ Increase traffic to your website?

✅ Have more sales?

✅ Generate more leads?

✅ Improve your branding ?

✅ Make more income from your business?

If so, you may be interested in my gig : blog article 100% human written (no artificial intelligence tools).

But how to rank in first position on search engines in 2023? 🏆

To succeed on search engines in 2023 (and 2024), it's essential to consider three major criteria: search intent, user experience (UX) and PAA (People Also Ask). These factors have become crucial in ensuring that your content reaches a relevant audience and improves your ranking in search results.

1) UX (user experience) 🖥️

The aim is to create the best user experience: page speed / branding (images, gif, color code...) / content / related information (external links, youtube video...).

If users have a good user experience, they're likely to continue visiting your site, or even do other searches on the search engine, and therefore potentially click on a Google ad (which will bring them revenue). Google will therefore highlight this type of content, content that appeals to the user and keeps them on your page (because they're interested in your content).

2) Search intent 📖

The aim is to provide the most relevant information possible for the user in order to answer their queries.

The benefits are similar to ux. Another important point: if the customer finds what he's looking for on the page, he may look at other pages on your site, thus reducing your bounce rate, which will influence your positions in the serps. Search engines will also position you more easily if your article contains unique and original content that hasn't yet been placed on Google.

3) PAA (People Also Ask) ❓

**PAA are a feature that allows you to display relevant content on related queries.

If the article has PAA and contains lots of words, it's likely to rank on related queries (PAA) and on PAA-targeted keywords, resulting in increased traffic.

Why choosing my gig ?❓

The majority of "seo experts" on freelance platforms aren't. It's a marketing argument to sell their service

They have no idea how seo works, are unaware of Google updates, have no sites/blogs and often outsource their services to third-world countries (for extremely low prices and dubious quality).

If you choose this service, I'll write the article(s) entirely by hand, without using ai, without outsourcing, using seo methods that work, using plagiarism checkers + ai detection tools, so that the article(s) are perfectly optimized for search engines as well as readable and informative for your visitors.

**By using my service, you'll save time and be sure of getting an article that has everything you need to climb into the top positions **.

Who I am ? 👨💻

My name is Matthieu P (I'm French), and I've been doing SEO since 2019, that's almost 5 years now. I started with blogging, then e-commerce, and came back to blogging a few months ago.

In almost 5 years, I've written hundreds of articles across my sites and counted a hundred thousand visitors (only in seo).

What I propose 📓

Having understood the importance of human written content and these 3 criteria for ranking in the top positions, here's what I propose:

Writing of a 100% human written SEO-optimized blog posts, WITHOUT AI, to be sure of ranking in 2023 (and 2024).
✅ Featured image (free)
✅ Advanced search intent
✅ Keyword search (Semrush + 1.fr) + titles + PAA
✅ Competitor analysis
✅ 100% manually generated content
✅ Add: 1 table / 1 bulleted list / 1 numbered list (minimum)
✅ Media integration: YouTube video, GIF, Pinterest pins, Instagram post, tweet...(depending on the article)
✅ Meta description: 140 to 155 characters

Note: If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message.

My Offers $ €

Number of words Description Price Number of words offered
✅ 1000 Choose number of articles for 1000 words 15 € none
✅ 2000 Choose number of articles for 2000 words 30 € none
✅ 3000 Choose number of articles for 3000 words 45 € none
✅ 5000 Choose number of articles for 5000 words 65 € none
✅✅ 11000 Choose number of articles for 11000 words 150 € 1000 words free
✅✅ 23000 Choose number of articles for 23000 words 300 € 3000 words free
✅✅ 38000 Choose number of articles for 38000 words 450 € 8000 words free
✅✅ 60000 Choose number of articles for 60000 words 750 € 10000 words free (-50 €)

My options 🚀

Options (valid for all items) Price
✅ CMS integration : Wordpress / Shopify / Wix... 50 €
✅ Manual Indexing Search Console (over several days, as there is a daily url submission quota) 50 €

Questions ❓

If you have any questions or suggestions about this service, please send me a message. I'll try to answer as quickly as possible.

How does the order process work?

On your side :

  1. Place order
  2. Send the keywords
  3. Send me a message before hands if you have any special requests/instructions

From my side:

  1. Accept (or not) the order
  2. Checking keywords
  3. In-depth research: search intent, keywords, titles, PAA, competition...
  4. Article writing + image research + plagiarism check + proofreading
  5. Wait for your reply regarding any changes
  6. Finalize order

What will you choose? 🤔

Choosing another freelancer

Opting for another provider may seem like an easy option, but beware of those unfamiliar with the ins and outs of SEO. Quality copywriting without proper optimization may not give you the results you expect.

Write your own articles

Writing articles yourself will save you money, but you're going to have to spend time researching keywords, analyzing the competition, writing the article, adding all the elements that help retain visitors (YouTube videos, GIFs, images...), looking for PAA, checking for plagiarism and rereading the entire article several times to make sure it's readable and contains all the necessary information. In the end, all this effort means that you can't be sure whether you'll rank or not.

➡️ Choose my gig

By choosing my blog post writing gig, you will save time while ensuring exceptional writing quality, perfectly optimized for SEO. This will translate into improved SERP rankings and, ultimately, more traffic to your website.

Imagine... more traffic, more customers, more sales....

With a solid content strategy, you can maximize your online presence, attract a targeted audience and increase your revenues. Make the choice that will maximize your results with minimum effort.

Don't waste any more time and choose the right strategy now.

See you on the other side!

Matthieu P


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