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Offer an exceptional user experience to your customers and boost your sales!

Shopify Store Analytics is a revolutionary service designed to take your online store to new heights. I will thoroughly analyze your Shopify store, identifying gaps, opportunities for improvement and winning strategies.

Imagine the results you could achieve by having a perfectly optimized Shopify store, with captivating product pages, a smooth checkout process and an effective marketing strategy.

You are probably in the ideal place!

So are you one of the following cases:

✅Are you looking to optimize your online store and improve your conversion rate?

✅Are you doing E-commerce or dropshipping?

✅Do you want to improve the user experience of your Shopify store?

You probably answered “YES” to one of these questions, you need to keep reading ⬇️

Why did you ask me and not other freelance web developers?

Specialized expertise: Since I am a web developer, I first have skills in Shopify store creation, design, copywriting then in natural referencing SEO. In addition, during my career in the agency, I did the Shopify Store Analysis requiring these four essential skills, my work was appreciated by e-commerce clients and they always asked me for work related to the Shopify Store Analysis.

My responsiveness: I always respond reactively to my customers and I completely understand that not everyone has this capacity for patience.

My sense of professionalism: Each project that is presented to me, I take it seriously, paying attention to detail, I work on it as if it were mine then, I am like your doctor who listens to you, able to relieve you of your sorrows.

My availability: I am always available during the progress of your Shopify Store Analysis project until the end, open-minded.

I am willing to learn: Like any living being, it can happen that I make mistakes and for that, I am open to criticism and it will help me improve more in my career as a** web developer** (webmaster).

Do you know that most Shopify stores fail to reach their full potential?

According to a recent study, almost 70% of Shopify store owners do not perform regular analysis of their performance. As a result, they lose growth opportunities, leave problems unresolved, and continue to experience poor conversion rates.

However, there is a solution: the Shopify Store Analytics. The telling numbers show that Shopify store owners who benefited from deep analytics saw an average increase of 120% in sales.

In addition, the stores analyzed saw their bounce rate decrease by 30% and experienced a significant increase in the time spent on the site by visitors.

But thanks to this service, you will benefit from:

✅ A Shopify Store Analysis which will provide a breathtaking visual (visual identity) which will captivate your visitors as soon as they arrive thanks to shopify as well as a mastery of the art of *copywriting *.

✅ An intuitive user experience, guaranteeing smooth and pleasant navigation through Shopify features.

💰 Saves time and money: With this service you will save a lot of time and money.

✅ Built-in mobile compatibility (responsive design), allowing your site to shine on all devices.

✅ Personalized support focused on your objectives

✅ I am always ready to advise you on what would be most beneficial for your project.


In the Basic Pack, I offer a detailed video analysis of your online store. Here is an overview of the points I will cover in this analysis:
🟢 On-Site SEO Analysis: I will review 4 pages (Home, Shop, About and Contact) the SEO elements on your site, such as meta tags, page titles, URLs, keywords , etc. I will give you recommendations to improve your search engine rankings.
🟢 User experience analysis: I will evaluate the overall browsing experience on your site. This includes ease of navigation, clarity of information, usability, arrangement of elements, etc. I will provide you with tips to optimize the user experience and make your site more compelling for visitors.
🟢 Consistency Analysis: I will examine the consistency of your brand across your website. This includes harmonizing colors, fonts, images and visual elements to create a strong and cohesive visual identity.
🟢 Responsive Analysis: I will check the compatibility of your site on different devices, such as computers, mobiles and tablets. I will ensure that your site is well adapted to each type of device and that the user experience is optimal on all media.
🟢 Loading speed analysis: I will test the loading speed of your site and identify any problems that could slow down your site. I will give you recommendations to improve loading times and provide a smoother experience for your visitors.
🟢 Analysis of the sales funnel: I will evaluate the conversion process of your site, from the first contact to the finalization of the purchase. I will point out any possible weak points in the sales funnel and offer suggestions to increase the conversion rate.
🟢 Content Analysis: I will review the content on your site, including descriptions (products, home pages, and category pages). I will give you tips to improve the quality of content and make it more attractive to your visitors.
🟢 A point-by-point video analysis of your store: I will make a detailed video in which I will review each of the points mentioned above. You will be able to view and understand my recommendations clearly and precisely. I will send you the video here on ComUp in MP4 format.
**Price: 25€
The Advanced Pack is designed to make targeted improvements to your online store based on your specific needs. Here are the services included in this pack:
🟢 Adjustment of your store design: I will make visual adjustments to the 4 pages (Home, store, About and contact) to improve the overall appearance of your store, ensuring that it matches your brand image and attracts the attention of visitors.
🟢 Change of theme if necessary: If your current theme does not meet your expectations or does not suit your needs, I will help you choose and set up a new theme adapted to your activity, with the free themes (SpeedFly, FASTLANE).
🟢 On-Site SEO Improvement: I will review 4 pages (Home, Shop, About and Contact) the SEO elements on your site, such as meta tags, page titles, URLs, keywords , etc. I will give you recommendations to improve your search engine rankings.
🟢 Improved user experience: I will implement specific improvements to make navigation on your site more user-friendly and intuitive, by improving the layout of elements, clarity of information and ease of use.
🟢 Improved consistency: I will organize the colors, fonts, images and visual elements of your 4-page store (Home, Shop, About and Contact) to create a strong and consistent visual identity.
🟢 Responsive Improvement: I will ensure that your site is perfectly adapted to all devices, including desktop, mobile and tablet, to provide an optimal user experience on each platform.
🟢 Improved loading speed: I will optimize the performance of your site to reduce loading times and provide a faster and smoother experience for your visitors.
🟢 Improvement of the sales funnel: I will work on optimizing the conversion process of your site, identifying weak points and implementing improvements to increase the conversion rate of visitors into customers.
🟢 Content improvement: I will help you improve the quality and relevance of the content on your site, by optimizing (product descriptions, adding additional information and highlighting the strengths of your products or services).
Price: 100€


🔧 - Implementation of additional application 10€
🔧 - Setting up and configuring an upsell 15€
🔧 - Implementation of trust badges 10€

My guarantee

I am committed to providing you with a Shopify Store Analysis service of higher quality than your expectations, while respecting everything listed in the pack. If after receiving delivery, you notice any imperfections I will make adjustments at no additional cost.

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