I will create accurate Eyes Tracking system

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Unlock the secrets of the gaze: Go beyond self-reported data and reveal hidden insights with pinpoint-accurate eye tracking and blink detection

Effortlessly scrolling through documents or websites, simply by looking where you want to go. No more clicking or dragging, just pure eye-powered navigation. (Image of a person controlling a computer screen with only their eyes)

- Eye tracking: Track gaze patterns, measure attention spans, and understand user behavior in real-time.

- Blinking detection: Identify fatigue, cognitive load, and even deception based on subtle changes in blink rate and duration.

- Data analysis and insights: Gain actionable insights from your eye-tracking data, informing marketing strategies, research findings, and even product design.

Empower people with disabilities: Those with limited mobility can regain control and independence through eye-based interaction.

I will create accurate Eyes Tracking system

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