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Have you just spent hours talking to the camera about a topic you’re passionate about?

* But now you’re overwhelmed by all the takes and retakes?

* Are you struggling to edit video on your own?

* Are you feeling the pressure to get your video finished quickly?

Your audience is eagerly waiting and you don’t want to disappoint them!


Editing video is tiring, isn’t it?

It’s not only about removing mistakes. You have to produce an end result that feels wonderful to watch and shows your ideas clearly as well.

When you’re teaching a topic, it’s usually to become known as an expert in your industry. So it’s important to you that your video output reflects your professionalism and brand.

You don’t want to send your fans an average video. No. You want to educate them as well as entertain them.



I’m happy to help you achieve this goal. I love editing video for experts, because I’m passionate about learning in life.

I have a background in training, both online and in-person, in London and Berlin, on subjects including digital marketing, English for non-English speakers, and tele-marketing campaigns. I can tell when students are confused by the execution of the learning.

I’ve come across many videos that are just talking heads - nothing else - and sometimes 30-40 minutes long. Nobody watches these, or has the patience to do so either.

I don’t want you to have this experience.



To work together, you need to send me:

* Your main video footage files, in either MP4 / MOV / AVI formats
* Any video presentations and screencasts, in either MP4 / MOV / AVI formats
* Your logo (in png or jpg)
* Any photos you use in the teaching
* Your video script (as a Microsoft Word document)
* Your video outline (as a Microsoft Word document)

Your main video footage should be up to 12 minutes max.

I will ask you a few questions about your videos and business, before we start working together, using the ComeUp Chat box. Doing so helps me understand the overall goals of this specific video.

Your finished video will be:

* 1 video only
* In MP4, in a high-quality format (1080p)
* The average video length will be 5-10 minutes. This video length varies, as it is dependent on the combined length of your video footage, screencasts, and presentations.



> The Essential Edits service (basic service): €50 <

* Editing your footage, e.g. Removing mistakes, retakes
* Address pacing issues and video structure
* Improve colour quality
* Improve sound quality
* Shorten word gaps
* Add transitions
* Add your logo
* Motion graphics (animated text)
* Royalty-free stock video/photos


> 4 Extra Video Features package: €45 <

With this service, I will add all 4 features to your video:

* Intro and outro end screens (provided by you)
* Intro and outro music (royalty-free stock music I provide)
* Sound effects to the video (royalty-free SFX I provide)
* Chapter transitions with animated text (I create these)

> Subtitles: €35 <

Choose between:

* Closed captions (can be switched on and off on YouTube)
* Hard captions (burned permanently to your video, will always be switched on)



I recommend you contact me first, using the Contact button, so we can discuss your video and you can ask me all the questions you might have.

After that, select the options you want, and click on ORDER.

I look forward to working with you. Have a good day.

I will edit your video for YouTube, tutorials & teaching

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