I will I will set up kvcore website,landing page, kv core automation lofty clixlo reireply


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If you're a real estate agent seeking to streamline your lead generation and management processes, you've come to the right place.
As an expert in Kvcore, Chime, and other real estate platforms and CRMs, I specialize in optimizing your real estate system to boost lead generation and simplify sales operations.
I'll create custom, mobile-responsive landing pages tailored to your needs, implement impactful email marketing campaigns, and set up lead capture forms designed to attract and convert potential leads. Moreover, I'll configure your CRM system to manage contacts and automate follow-up tasks, enabling smoother workflows, increased efficiency, and business expansion


Professionally designed landing pageIDX squeeze page
Stunning websites
Workflows and seamless integrations on kvcore, WiseAgent Crm
Fully integrated Marketplace on Kvcore
Follow up Drip campaigns & Scheduled Emails on Kvcore, Wise Agent
Transaction & Lead Management
Integration of Facebook lead page
Adding of Subpages and Sub Menu to Kvcore
Twilio and Zapier Integration
Adding Slider Testimonials

Accuracy in following instructions
Effective communication
Get Across, let us discuss better.

I will I will set up kvcore website,landing page, kv core automation lofty clixlo reireply

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“I'm holly sales a digital marketer expert with year of experiences in email marketing ,graphic design and website my aim and objective is helping business succeed”

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