I will Help with your product management work,process and documentation


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As a Product manager with years of experience on the Job managing both physical and software development, You will get detailed Product requirement documents that will help bring your product from concept to ideation, refining, design, development, testing, launch, and iteration.

I will also help set up your tools and platforms for easy collaboration with stakeholders and ensuring smooth operation of engineers,designers ,Q/A etc

The goal is not just to build a product but to build a viable product.

I offer Product PRD

Reviewing wireframe and prototype.

Setting up JIRA board and filing it up with the requirements.

Define and manage project timeline.

Conduct user research, market research or usability testing.

And any other task required for your project.PRD

PRD, JIRA board etc
Handling product documentation, setting up collaborative tools and reviewing existing documentation within limited scope.

I will Help with your product management work,process and documentation

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About the seller

Bukunmi_Product 1 day ago

“Hey there!

It's great to meet you! My name is Bukunmi, and I'm a seasoned Product Manager with a passion for crafting innovative solutions that fulfill goals.

I have years of hands-on experience working on various products, and I'm committed to helping you achieve success with your product.

When I'm not working, I love to indulge in binge-listening to podcasts and diving into research to understand the intricacies of decision-making.

If you're excited to turn your product ideas into reality and take them from inception to launch and beyond, I would be thrilled to partner with you.

My core proficiency:

-Market Research
-User Research
-Stakeholders Management
-Software development
-Product documentation
-Scrum Activities
-Product RoadMap
-Strategy documents and Metrics

I am looking forward to long and short-term projects where I can put my skills to to birth products that meet the goal of the business as well as serve the users needs.

Please, send me a message, it would be my pleasure to work with you.”

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