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I started drawing seriously over ten years ago. During this period, I illustrated fanfiction scenes on wattpad, created original characters and created manga pages. From now on, I'm working on my own manga project and I want, at the same time, to create illustrations and create characters to continue improving. Not only do you win an original illustration without the use of AI, but you also help me make a living from my passion.

Fan of manga or anime? Why not create a manga character that resembles you or comes from your imagination? I create manga portraits and create fictional or original characters from your own universe or to insert into a fandom that you like.

I can draw:
Your portrait in manga version from 25€ for the bust - 35€ to the hips - 50€ from head to toe
Your chibi version to create stickers from €25 for 3 poses of your choice
Your original character from 25€ for the bust - 35€ to the hips - 50€ from head to toe
You or your original character with the characters from your favorite manga from 30€

Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the request
After the brief, I create a sketch and you can request 2 modifications. Once validated, I will proceed with the colorization and you will be able to modify the colors once.

I will Draw your portrait in my manga style

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Hoshi_Steph 11 hours ago

“Illustrator and author of manga-type comics. I can illustrate the covers of your books, the scenes of your graphic novels and create your fictional characters. I draw your portraits in manga version in my drawing style or make fanarts of your favorite characters as you wish.”

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