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Your CV/motivation letter is often the first impression a potential employer has of you. A well-written English CV/motivation letter tailored to the expectations of international recruiters can significantly boost your chances of landing interviews and job offers abroad. I was an Consultant and I have habbit to redact and see CV. I will eliminate the language barrier by creating a professional, clear, and compelling English CV/motivation letter. This will ensure your skills and experiences are presented effectively, making you a strong candidate in the eyes of English-speaking employers.

bout Me and My Comprehensive Service Offer

With a robust background as a seasoned consultant specializing in human resources and management, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. My primary objective is to elevate your professional profile through meticulously crafted CVs tailored specifically for English-speaking markets.

What I Offer

In my foundational service:

Consultative Approach: I begin with comprehensive consultations to deeply understand your career trajectory, achievements, and aspirations.

Professional Resume Writing: Leveraging my expertise, I meticulously create or refine your CV or motivation letter in impeccable English, ensuring it adheres to the highest global standards of clarity, professionalism, and relevance.

Deliverables: You will receive a refined CV or motivation letter that not only effectively showcases your skills, experience, and accomplishments but also strategically positions you as a top candidate in international job markets.

How It Works

Our collaboration begins with an in-depth discussion where we gather essential details about your professional journey, including specific achievements, responsibilities, and skills. Using industry insights and a keen understanding of current recruitment trends, I craft a compelling narrative that highlights your unique value proposition to prospective employers.

Throughout the process, I prioritize your satisfaction and confidence in presenting your professional narrative. My goal is to ensure that your CV not only meets but exceeds your expectations, setting you apart in competitive job landscapes.

Service de Base :
Révision : Prix 10€
Création de votre CV en anglais : Prix 25€
Délai de livraison de 7 jours ouvrables.

Options Complémentaires :
Révision : Prix 20€
Lettre de motivation personnalisée : Prix de 30€ (300mots), Délai de livraison de 7 jours ouvrables

Pour plus d'information sur nos services ou pour passer commande, n'hésitez pas à me contacter directement. Je suis là pour vous aider à optimiser votre présentation professionnelle !

I will do your Resume in English

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