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# Facebook/Instagram Store Creation

A perfect fusion between your social networks and your e-commerce store

You have the ability to use the powerful **community** and **algorithms **of meta to easily expose your products and dramatically multiply your revenue while growing your community and brand awareness.

## Why Import your shop on media social ?

User experience has shown that Internet users spend an average of 15 seconds on a website but on the other hand they spend all their days on Facebook and Instagram so it becomes inadmissible to spend huge budgets to bring traffic to your website when you can enjoy almost free of charge the excessive traffic that there is on social networks.

> Doing E-commerce without having a store on a social network is being the toe that pierces its own shoe

**Why choose us?**

We have already set up countless e-commerce sites and also manage the digital communication oriented e-commerce for several customers and since the establishment of the META store we have seen the sales figures of our various customers explode so we are the right people to carry out this mission.

For **5 euros** we will create a Business manager and make the parameters required for the creation of a shop.

**We offer you this Package which will allow you to obtain a 100% ready-to-use shop: :**

Pack Evolution - 50 euros
Creation and configuration of the Business Manager
Configuration of the Sales Manager
Configuration and validation of the Enterprise account
Creation and configuration of the E-commerce catalog
Creation and configuration of a data flow
Connection to a partner platform (Shopify, Woocommerce etc....)
Creation, configuration and connection of a Facebook Pixel
Import of 30 products
Configuration and validation of the domain
Study of your application for Instagram shopping
If valid; Import to Instagram Shopping

*Proof of delivery completed:* once you see the products displayed in your Facebook/Instagram shop tab and you can access the shop from any account then the shop will be 100% ready. This proof will be provided in the form of a screenshot

## Some explanations on the PACKAGE

**1 - Business Manager**

**Business Manager** allows advertisers to manage their marketing efforts in one place and share access to resources between their team, agency partners and vendors.

**What can you do with this tool?**

Create and manage multiple assets such as a Facebook page, Instagram account, audience list or product catalog all in one place.

Control access and user permissions for everyone working on your ad accounts, pages and apps, and maintain ownership of all your assets.

Track your Facebook and Instagram ads more efficiently with simple overviews and detailed views of your ad spend and impressions.

**2 - Verifying your company**

To access certain products, Meta may ask you to verify your company. This process helps us confirm that your account belongs to a legitimate business or organization.

Company verification ensures that:

Your business is a legal entity. Your business will need to be registered with local authorities and you will need an official phone number or mailing address for your business.

You are an authorized representative of your company. You will need to be able to receive a verification code sent to your company's phone number or email address, or use the domain verification process.

NB: this phase is not always mandatory and do not necessarily worry if your company is not declared.

**3 - Facebook Catalogs**

A catalog is a container that contains information about the items you want to advertise or sell on Facebook and Instagram. The platform to create and manage your catalog is Commerce Manager. You can create catalogs for different types of items, such as products, hotels, flights, destinations, property listings or vehicles. In our case we are creating E-commerce catalogs for you.

**4 - Instagram shopping**

Instagram Shopping is a set of features that allow users to easily discover photos and videos of your brand's products on Instagram. Nevertheless unlike Facebook, Instagram has a lot of conditions and is very tricky for Shop installation but thanks to our Expertise we know how to bypass most of the problems and give you this access but the final decision always lies with Instagram.

Our additional options when ordering:

Addition of 15 additional products, you already have a shop and you want to update your catalog.
Instagram shopping, you have created your store but cannot get it to appear on Instagram shopping
Account diagnosis is when you come with an account that has a problem so before working on it we do a diagnosis and then you to take the option - Repair for the resolution of all your problems.

## Problems related to Shop:

**Case 1:** You tried to create your Boutique without hiring a professional and you are stuck and facing several errors; you don't have the possibility to finalize the configurations and your Boutique can't be published.

**Case 2:** You already have a published store but you face several small bugs that have occurred (example: the catalog does not update etc.), you have a store on Facebook but you can not publish it on Instagram

Here we have presented two cases of figures but they exist so many so each time we must always make a diagnosis and then tell you what is wrong; either you solve your problem you or you let us do the work until the end for an additional fee.

NB : Instagram shopping is not mandatory, if Facebook refuses your account then we can't do anything more.

By pressing order you cconfirm you have read all the service and know all the requires.

*Thank you, Sincerely*

I will create or repair your Facebook/Instagram shop

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