I will create your professional blog site with Wordpress

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# Choose to invest your money in a blog with a clear, attractive and easy-to-navigate layout to provide a pleasant and optimal user experience for your visitors.

~ Touch-ups on this service are free until you are completely satisfied.~

This service will be useful if you :

already have a blog but it's outdated and losing its audience;

are thinking of getting into blogging but don't have the necessary knowledge;

When you want to get into blogging, you can find yourself asking a lot of questions, and very quickly you lose hope and your project goes in the bin

We often wonder whether our subject will be of interest to anyone, whether we'll be able to build a community around ourselves thanks to subjects like the one we're about to tackle. So many questions running through our heads all the time.

Let me tell you, though, that when it comes to blogging, it's often not so much the subject that poses a problem as the environment in which it's discussed.

Let me explain. If you have an opinion on a subject, it's impossible for you alone to have such an opinion among all the humans on the planet; already you're certain to have readers who approve of and follow your way of thinking. And even when you come across opposing opinions, that's still good for you, because it means that your subject is of interest to people, and very quickly your site will become a discussion centre that attracts traffic

## So what is the real concern you should have when you want to launch your blog

The real concern you should have as a blogger who wants to succeed is more about how to make your blog interesting (a popular topic isn't enough). You need to stand out if you want to attract attention, you need to make visitors want to become loyal readers, you need to attract in order to convince.

And to attract attention, the look of your blog is a priority. Unlike a modern blog with an attractive design that generates traffic and readers, an outdated blog that doesn't facilitate a pleasant user experience will very quickly be thrown to the bottom of the umpteenth page of Google (guaranteed oblivion ).

## What do you want A blog that succeeds or a blog that fails

With me, start blogging and succeed without any stress

I started out in web development and digital marketing at a very young age, and a few months later I joined my first web agency. Over the years, I've built up a wealth of practical experience that now enables me to come up with efficient solutions to the problems you face.

I decided to launch Comeup to enable companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs to benefit from my skills, particularly in the field of the digital web, so that they can fully and easily achieve their profitability objectives.

Rest assured that when you place an order with me, you won't be disappointed and that everything will be done to ensure your complete satisfaction, that's my motivating principle.

** My commitments **
Professional work
Respect for deadlines
Guaranteed results
Available 24/7, even after delivery

## What I propose:

**Basic offer 5 euros**
Installation and configuration of WordPress on your web host
Installation and configuration of the DIVI theme with free licence
Integration of your logo and favicon

All the options of the basic package
Customisation of your theme
Creation of the blog home page
Blog post layout design
Adding 10 articles
Responsive mode
30 minutes coaching to get your blog up and running via Comeup Direct
Price: €25

All basic package options
All Blog STARTER options
Add 20 articles
Setting up a public member space
Setting up an automatic backup
Responsive mode
30 minutes coaching to get your blog up and running via Comeup Direct
Price: €45

**Additional options****Price **
:- :-
SEO optimisation+€15
10 additional articles+€10
Search for royalty-free images (at the most 10)+€10
Installation of an automatic backup+€20
Creation of up to 5 pages on the blog (contact, about...)+€20

## You plan to sell products through your blog I'll take care of it.

**Options****Price **
:- :-
Add payment methods (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)+€30
Product integration (up to 10 products)+€40
Setting up customer reviews+€20
Creation and optimisation of 5 product pages+€20

~Do you want your blog to succeed? Leave me a message and let's get started!~

## How to order from me

To place an order, simply follow these three steps:

Tick one or more of the order options;

Then click on the black "order" button;

Confirm the order and you're back in the mailbox .

## What do I need to run the command

access to your hosting cpanel

your graphic charter+logo if you have one

the theme of your blog

** A concern A doubt Leave me a message and we'll discuss it. I am indeed available 24/7. We can also chat via Comeup direct.**

I'm looking forward to contributing to your beautiful edifice. On that note, I look forward to working with you on the other side.

All the best.

I will create your professional blog site with Wordpress

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“En tant qu'expert en développement web et marketing digital, je suis là pour aider les entreprises à développer leur présence en ligne avec des services personnalisés et humains. J'utilise des plateformes telles que Wordpress et Shopify pour créer des sites web personnalisés et je suis également expérimenté dans la création et la gestion de comptes de réseaux sociaux.

J'ai choisi de me faire appeler "WebWarrior" car je me considère comme étant un combattant pour la qualité avec une forte éthique de travail et un engagement envers la satisfaction du client. Je suis convaincu que mes compétences et mes valeurs humaines peuvent aider les entreprises à atteindre leurs objectifs de marketing digital.

Contactez-moi dès maintenant pour discuter de vos besoins et découvrir comment je peux vous aider à réussir en ligne.”

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