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* Do you need a custom website development or web application from scratch?

As a experimented web developer, i can build a website or web application tailored to your specific needs and requirements, using the latest technologies and best practices to deliver a high-quality, responsive, and secure product. Whether you need a simple website, an e-commerce platform, or a complex web application, we have the skills and experience to bring your ideas to life. Contact us today to discuss your project and get started.

* Why you should choose our service?

With over a decade of experience in various fields, including PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL, using laravel framework, we have the skills and knowledge to create custom secure websites and web applications that will meet your specific requirements and surpass your expectations.

* Basic offer for 5€

With a starting price of 5 €, i will set up a suitable PHP development environment on your server, along with a free template of up to 3 pages that matches the theme of your website, including a PDF document containing a brief analysis of the technical, functional and budgetary requirements of your project.

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* Develop a simple php script with a single function of your choice 25 €

Do you want a PHP function script that execute a specific task? We can help you develop a custom script that meets your needs and allows you to optimize your website.

Here some examples:
1. Validation of user input using php
2. Formatting and displaying data.
3. Sending emails to users
4. Generating PDF documents
5. Basic image manipulation (resizing, cropping, etc.)
6. Performing calculations based on user input
7. Adding a simple CRON JOB

* Modeling a database up to 3 tables 25 €

Our service involves the creation and design of a database that can accommodate up to three tables. Using UML modeling language, we ensure that your data is represented coherently and effectively. Trust us to provide you with a customized solution that meets your unique database modeling needs.

* Create a PHP script requiring the use of one table of database 50 €

1. A login script that verifies user credentials against a database of registered users.
2. A product catalog script that retrieves product information from a database and
displays it.
3. A script that retrieves all records from a single table in a database.
4. A script that inserts a new record into a table.
5. A script that updates an existing record in a table.
6. A script that deletes a record from a table.
7. A script that retrieves a single record from a table based on a given condition.

* Develop a complex php script of your choice 75 €

1. A user registration system that allows users to sign up, login, and update their profile informations.
2. Recovery password system
3. A product inventory management system that allows users to add, edits, and deletes products and their details ( UP to 10 prodects)
4. A search engine that retrieves results from a database based on user input and displays them.
5. A commenting system that enables users to leave comments on web pages and stores them in a database.
6 A user authentication system that checks user credentials against a database and grants access to authorized users only.
7. Adding a Complex CRON JOB
8. A script that imports or exports data

* Integration of any payment system (PayPal, Stripe, and more) 100 €

Integration of a payment system, means integrating a payment system into a website or application. This involves adding a secure and reliable payment gateway that allows customers to pay for products or services using their preferred payment method. The integration process may involve working with third-party payment providers and implementing necessary security measures to ensure the safety of sensitive customer informations.

* Custom calculator with several options 100 €

1. A salary calculator that calculates gross and net pay, taking into account taxes and other deductions.
2. A savings calculator that calculates the total amount of savings based on a monthly or yearly contribution and interest rate.
3. A calculator that calculates the total cost of a product or service, including taxes (TVA) and shipping fees.
4. A body mass index (BMI) calculator that calculates an individual's BMI based on their weight and height.
5. A calorie calculator that calculates the number of calories burned during a specific activity based on the user's weight and duration of activity.

* Who am I?

As an IT graduate, and web technologies enthusiast, full stack web developer with PHP laravel framework in back end, and bootstrap, tailwind CSS and Javascript in front end. I can create an online presence for you according to your choices, from a simple blog to very complex and professional web applications, using modern and appropriate technologies, with very competitive prices.

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