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✔️ Do you want content to drive a huge amount of traffic to your website pages?

✔️ Do you want to improve your ranking and have your website on the first page of Google?

✔️ Do you want to have passive income every month from your blog?

✔️ Do you wish to turn your prospects into customers?

If you answered "YES " to one or more of these questions, then...

📢 Trust me with your blogging assignments and bring back organic traffic to your website with SEO.


Why publishing SEO optimized articles on your website is the best thing to do?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has many advantages. By regularly publishing quality content on your topic/niche, you will send good signals to search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo...).

And if the articles you publish are of high quality and your prospects appreciate them, you will :

Drastically increase your traffic 🥇

⬇️ Thus...

Improve your website page positions on the SERPs 🥇

⬇️ Which will result in:

A boost in your sales 🥇

⬇️ Finally

Increase your credibility and offer a real Brand Image to your website 🥇

These blog posts will create traffic, and therefore boost your income every month and on top of that without paying a single cent!

It is commonly known as the snowball effect ☃️


They understood the snowball effect ☃️

They had a website and they trusted me
Today, they have an automatic cash machine

Here is what my clients think of my SEO services

Excellent work, I recommend you 1000%. One of the best writers I've ever had on the platform, I shouldn't say too much because you might get overwhelmed but you deserve it! See you soon for another article. Dilm Seo
Frenchify 👍 Successful digital agency
Very good articles! For our project, we ordered 3 articles of 3000 words each and the quality is there. All the instructions were applied by Loïc, so we are very happy with the final result! It's a pleasure to find a good writer and it promises good thing for the future. See you soon!
Paul_Redacteur 👍 Top French freelancer
I'm very pleased with the quality of the article. The subject is very well treated and the content is well written. The content is well written and the SEO is very good, there is a real effort on the long tail and semantic research. Thank you, I highly recommend!
Amnezy👍 Closer
Just what I needed! His SEO advice are also sound and clear, it clearly proves his professionalism! I will not hesitate to come back to him as soon as I need blog posts! Thank you so much Loic 🙏💖
Hairkatsura👍 Stylist Company
Excellent advice. Loïc is very quick on the uptake and gives very good advice. The articles are written with seriousness and professionalism. We recommend Loic 200%*
Pahaaco👍 Manager of a Tourist office
Loic managed to make a quality editorial work fully meeting my expectations in the announced deadline. I hope to work with him again. I can only recommend this professional. Thank you Loic!


Avoid writing for nothing !

The problem when you write your own articles is that you're doing it wrong:

❌ The meta-data in your articles is poorly constructed

❌ You don't analyze your topics and your competition

❌ You write about a topic that's on your mind

❌ You don't optimize the SEO of your articles by following a keyword strategy

You trust AI, but Google will know it and punishes your website 😅

Besides, when you write an article intended to end up on the web, competition is tough! You end up competing with tens of thousands of results

Undoubtedly, you'll end up writing articles out of spite, knowing that they won't come up on the SERPs 😓

But the top spots are there ! You can take them by working smart with a good long term SEO strategy.

So, avoid wasting time and order some done-for-you articles written by an SEO expert 🖊️


Who I am in a few words...

📈 SEO Expert

✅ More than 1300 missions completed on ComeUp

🎓 Certified by Semrush, the most popular and effective SEO tool

From my experience as a writer and SEO specialist, I can provide you with good advice and tailor-made solutions.

~The articles I write are more optimized than those of your competitors, they rank, my clients earn money and recommend me.

📢 Outrank your competitors on Google and attract new clients NOW 💵💵


How do I write an SEO Winner article?

Before I offer you my services, let me tell you about my good SEO habits

Habits that I put to good use for my customers

👉 I use software like Semrush, Ubbersuggest or Ahref to analyze your topic and your competition

👉 Thanks to my research, I establish a plan to write articles that will rank on the first page of Google

👉 I will then determine the ideal keyword distribution for your article

👉 I will document your topic and make sure that the syntax and vocabulary used are consistent with your brand image

👉 I will make sure that all the short-tail and long-tail keywords are well distributed on your article in order to offer you the possibility to get the first position on interesting keywords


What type of article should be posted ? 🗊

We have the following:

📝 Short Articles, from 150 to 1000 words:
These articles are perfect for ranking on a long-tail keyword. If you want an article on a small topic that doesn't require much explanation, such as an answer to a question, you need one of these articles
Example: How to prepare sushi like a pro?

📝 Long Articles of 1500 and 2000 words:
These articles are the most common and the most effective, because they will feed your website and help you to rank on a medium keyword. Ideally Top 5, 7 or 10 articles or an answer to a question that requires more research
Example: The Top 10 hottest peppers of the world

📝 And finally the referral articles (3000 words):
These longer articles are especially made for broad topics. They will help to rank on excellent short-tail keywords with more monthly searches and more competition.
Example: Asian cuisine


What will you find in each of my articles

All SEO elements will be there:
Optimized Meta Title Tag (the most important in SEO)
Meta-structure of your article, Hn (essential in SEO)
A free stock-image (for the visual comfort of your readers)
All alt-txt (enhance your search by image)
Rich snippet (for the 1st position of your article)
An external link (increases the authority of your article)
Your URL optimized (improves the SEO of a keyword)
Your meta-description (increases your click-through rate)


My Offers 💲

You can start with a blog post if you don't need a lot of traffic or money... or if you want to test the quality of my writing

In that case, choose from the following options:

📝 150 words article (5€)
📝 250 words article (10€)
📝 500 word article (20€)
📝 Article 750 words (30€)
📝 Article 1000 words (40€)
📝 Article 1500 words (55€)
📝 Article 2000 words (75€)
📝 Article 3000 words (100€)

But if you want great results, you'll need to post multiple articles.

And for that...

Get yourself an SEO article top-notch pack for your growth 📈

You may divide the word-count by the total number of articles you want!

💪 5,000 word pack (175€)

🥇 10,000 word pack (320€)

🏆 20,000 word pack (600€)

💎 25,000 word pack (750€)


Extras 🌟

Finally, if you want to go further, I offer additional services to help you in your blogging and SEO strategy

📑 The SEO Blogging List: I will provide you with a list of 10 high potential article topics on your niche, niche requests and keywords that have high potential and little to no competition.

📢 Calls-to-action: With this option, I will write a call-to-action on EACH of your articles. Meaning, I will lead and encourage readers to go to your website in order to purchase your products. Articles that have a call to action have a conversion rate 3 tiles higher than others.

🔧 CMS Implementation: Choose this option if you want me to implement your articles directly on your Shopify or Wordpress CMS. I will make a beautiful layout 🗒️, add your images 🖼️ and place your article tags correctly for a flawless SEO structure. This option will only cost you 10 € per article.

In order for me to access your CMS, you can create a guest account and send me the link with password (Wordpress) or register my email as an employee (Shopify)


You do not want to slack of ? Good, neither do I... 🚀

If you are looking for a strategy to rank in the long run and attract more and more traffic, you have come to the right place, here is my best-seller offer :

🚀🚀 ULTIMATE PACK: 🚀 30,000 word pack + 📝 The SEO Blogging List + 📢 Calls-to-Action.
So, you'll get 30,000 words of SEO articles to bring traffic to your website + calls-to-action to convert that traffic + the list of future pre-written articles to keep your blog growing.


Recap of my offers :

Offer Description Price
📝 Article 150 words 1 article of 150 words 5€
250 words article 1 article of 250 words 10€
1 article of 250 words 10€ 📝 Article 500 words
1 article of 750 words 30€ 📝 Article 750 words
1000 words article 1 article of 1000 words 40€
1 article of 1500 words 55€ 📝 Article 1500 words
1 article of 2000 words 75€ 📝 Article 2000 words
3000 words article 1 article of 3000 words 100€
💪 Pack 5 000 words Number of articles of your choice for 5 000 words 175€
🥇 10 000 words pack Number of articles of your choice for 10 000 words 320€
🏆 20,000 word pack Number of articles of your choice for 20,000 words 600€
💎 25,000 word pack Number of articles of your choice for 25,000 words 750€
Number of articles of your choice for 30,000 words + 📝 The SEO Blogging List + 📢 The Calls to Action 1035€ 900€
10 pre-written articles on your niche 50€
📢 The Calls-to-Action Writing a call-to-action on all your articles 40€
🔧 CMS Implementation Implementation of your articles to your CMS


I personally apply the methods I use for YOUR articles

Today, I'm one of the top ranked SEO specialist on this platform🥇

There's a reason for that I'm proficient in SEO, and therefore apply SEO to get clients on my profile

So, if you want to be one of those who earn money from their blog either, automatically, every month, then I urge you to go ahead NOW

And if you've read this far, you know that eventually you'll need to earn organic traffic to run your business, so... what are you waiting for?⌚



Your blog is well presented, your articles appeal to your readers, so you reach an audience 3 times larger and you start generating passive income every month, without doing anything.

I would be delighted to have helped you develop your website. So don't wait any longer and call me now

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