I will develop you a wordpress plugin

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Why a custom plugin?

Do you have a website on a CMS and want to modify it according to your needs?

Do you have a specific idea and want to implement it on your site but your theme doesn't allow it?

Do you want to change several things on your website without having to create a theme from scratch, or even lose those changes in the future by modifying your theme?

Do you want to add more than one functionality to your theme without having to go through a multitude of plugins that slow down your site's loading speed?

You've come to the right place. We offer to develop a Wordpress plugin for you. This way, you'll have the desired functionalities and your own plugin. Isn't that great?


Money-saving: This will increase your sales and improve your conversion rate
Better loading speed
Simplification of your website
Use on multiple sites without limit
One-time payment
Our offer:

For only 20 euros

You will be entitled to a plugin with a mini functionality (adding or modifying a detail on your theme) and a tab in your administrator page.

50 euros per additional functionality

50 euros per desired shortcode

35 euros for a detailed PDF outlining each step for installation

100 euros for a multilingual plugin

50 euros for full support for 2 weeks with free updates.

70 euros for an API call

70 euros for 3 additional functionalities

Please note that a precise specifications document is required, otherwise no orders will be taken!!!!

Follow-up provided until satisfaction!


your preferred service
from one of our sellers


Communicate securely via the website’s chat box
from start to finish


Sellers only get paid
once you have validated the delivery

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