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Web developer for more than 5 years, I am able and available for my experience in server management and maintenance.
My service will help you install any script or template on a server.

On this service, I assist you in installing your script or template. I can do this by following the designer's documentation or by following an installation video model.
I am from the domain and your situation will be decanted.
Installing a script or template may seem difficult if you do not have enough information, but here I will install everything and above all explain how it works in case the author has set up documentation.
The base price is 5€ this just allows you to install the script to a server that already has cpanel, After installation, I would just give you access, I would not make any basic modification such as changing your logo, changing the script name to your company name or changing the colors, to make these modifications mentioned, you will see the additional options the basic configuration option on cpanel which costs 20€.. For the vps serrver you need to pay an additional fees. The codecanyon scripts or the themeforest scripts are available on the sites in question, here I do not sell the scripts but I help those who have the scripts or those who want to buy these scripts when installing them.

Service Price
basic configuration option on cpane 20€
Installation on VPS 20€

if you want me to create the full site or customize your website, please refer to my website creation service here the link

After installing your script and its configuration, I will send you access to the server, the connection link with an admin account linked to your email address and the identifiers of your script to connect and start enjoying it.

You have seen that everything will be easy with me, please place your order and you will never be disappointed.

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