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ATTENTION : if you are looking for the lowest price, this service is not for you. Please note this straight away!

Have you finished writing your book? If so, congratulations! 👏

  • Have you completed your manuscript and are having difficulty referencing your paperback or ebook on Amazon KDP ?
  • Are you tearing your hair out over the choice of trim sizes and cover dimensions for your book or manuscript?
    As a self-published author, have you delegated your cover or manuscript to a service provider and now struggling to get it uploaded to Amazon KDP?
  • Do you simply want to publish a book on Amazon ?


We are experts in Amazon KDP! 💪🏆

In other words, we are simply professionals. We spend over 50 hours per day, which is 250 hours per week, on Amazon KDP, Amazon Advertising, and Amazon KDP.

You probably know that an expert is someone who has mastery over a given area. For us, it's the creation, publication, and sale of books on Amazon KDP.

Beyond ego, we know what we're doing.

And we do what we know.

We refuse what we don't know how to do.

We are also authors and understand the self-publishing ecosystem where you have to do everything yourself while our days are only 24 hours long! Not to mention the important fact for you, to get a return on investment.

Like you, we know the positive and negative emotions that come with publishing our baby on Amazon KDP 💕

It is a joy to accompany authors and publishing houses in solving frequent problems encountered when publishing and referencing your books, novels on Amazon KDP (Print On Demand)!

Your book is our priority. Our priority is you!

Moreover, since January 2021, we have created around 40 tools and services that allow you to focus on writing while we take care of formatting, publishing, distribution, and more.

Finally, you will probably choose us by reading the comments and reviews of people who have trusted us. Because, in the end, it is others who can tell you who we are, in the most just way possible 🙂

  • more than 3000 books published on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
  • over 40 specialized services on Amazon KDP on Comeup.com
  • over 1027 orders as of 05/05/2023
  • over 500 Amazon KDP accounts managed cumulatively in less than 24 months
    *over 300,000€ in book sales (revenue) generated for authors on Amazon Advertising
  • over 900 books shipped and sold for physical bookstores in less than 12 months
  • 9 permanent collaborators on site
  • and myself at your service, John. We answer all your questions and requests for information on the chat. We respond in less than 5 hours on average because I have to admit, sometimes I have to sleep a little 😴, to give you complete satisfaction 🙂

You have the choice of several OPTIONS comprising several STEPS in self-publishing. Here are our 5 steps to create, publish, and sell more books:
  • 1 - book creation (formatting, calibration, technical assembly...)
  • 2 - the referencing on Amazon KDP
  • 3 - Once published, the promotion of your book through Amazon advertising (essential);
  • 4 - Listing in bookstore databases;
  • 5 - Sales promotion (translation, audiobook, and various other options...)

The process is simple and consists of only 4 steps.

  1. Once your order is placed, an automatic message will be sent to you. You will have 48 hours to provide us with all the necessary information for your order. During these 48 hours, before your order is validated, there is a verification of all the points indicated above and below. This is to check if your manuscript + cover are suitable for publication on Amazon KDP. We will verify together if we agree. Then your order is validated.
  2. During your order, we format your manuscript (calibration) and assemble it with your cover. This is the longest and most meticulous step. It takes several days and requires attention. Your collaboration is not necessary at this time.
  3. Once your formatting is complete, we reference the book, on your behalf, in your Amazon KDP account. You will receive notifications and/or SMS that you will validate.
  4. Once the book is submitted to Amazon KDP, ** your order is delivered** . Amazon KDP will send you a validation (or rejection) email. You have the option to request a revision within 7 days following the delivery.

During these 4 previous phases, you cannot stop the ordering process for reasons such as:

  • forgetting a sentence or chapter in the manuscript
  • discovering errors in the manuscript
  • minor typographical corrections
  • desire to modify the manuscript yourself
  • desire to provide a new cover
  • need to reread the manuscript in its entirety (unless you have chosen this option - see below)


  • strong margin;
  • no storage fees;
  • no storage of books at your home or elsewhere;
  • no printer to manage;
  • no exclusivity contract that obliges you to stay with a publishing house or with a
  • third-party provider;
  • no monthly fees to pay.


  • Automatic manufacturing and packaging
  • Automatic shipping
  • Automatic package tracking
  • Automatic customer billing
  • Automatic product return management (rare)
  • Automatic payment on the 21st of each month, directly to your bank account

You are in the right place - this is a unique space, and you are not reading these sentences by chance. Congratulate yourself for being here, now.

Our secrets: efficient process management, attention, vigilance, and kindness.

✅ Referencing of your manuscript and cover as is, from your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account
✅ Publication of your Ebook and paperback (or hardcover) book on Amazon KDP
✅ Information provided by you beforehand
Input of book-related information; about ten pieces of information will be requested from you (title, author, description, keywords, categories, etc.)
✅ Import of your manuscript as is into Amazon KDP
✅ Import of your cover as is
✅ Free Amazon KDP ISBN and barcode included
✅ Definition of sales prices for distribution rights (no optimization)
❌ Excludes creation of your Amazon KDP account
❌ No formatting of your manuscript
❌ No revisions requested by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

INFO: Before uploading your book to Amazon KDP, you must;*

  • have completed the formatting of your manuscript

  • have a cover suitable for Amazon KDP

  • The offer above is basic; however, it is strongly recommended to upgrade to a higher quality by subscribing to one of the options below.


SERVICES Silver Gold Diamond Rhodium*
Analysis of your manuscript, testing in Amazon KDP interface ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Creation & configuration of your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Optimization & entry of information and metadata related to the book (title, subtitle, HTML format description, categories, etc.) ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Free Amazon KDP ISBN and barcode on your back cover ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Adaptation and formatting of your manuscript to Amazon KDP requirements ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Optimisation des prix de vente pour la Distribution étendue ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Optimization of selling prices for Extended Distribution ✔️
I want to review my manuscript and verify the LAYOUT before publishing on Amazon KP ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Edits requested by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing until complete and finalized publication ✔️ ✔️
Creation or update of your Author Page on Amazon.fr - photo and biography of your Author Page ✔️ ✔️
Registration of your book in 08 additional categories on Amazon.fr - in addition to the 2 standard categories (specific request sent to Amazon teams) ✔️
Design of a 3D mockup (book model in situation) for promotion ✔️
Creation & configuration of your Amazon Advertising™ France account ✔️ ✔️
1 complete Amazon ad after publication of your book, to boost your sales (highly recommended) ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Monitoring & optimization of your Amazon FR advertising campaign for 14 days ✔️ ✔️
Monitoring & optimization of your Amazon FR advertising campaign for 25 days ✔️
Referencing of your book on 8 french reader community sites (to improve inbound links to your Amazon product page for SEO) ✔️ ✔️
📱 Referencing of your book in 8 french mobile reading apps & libraries; (to improve inbound links to your Amazon product page for SEO) ✔️ ✔️
🏬 Referencing of your paper book in French bookstore databases (Mandatory RCS Number since June 2021) ✔️

THE RHODIUM is the most precious metal in the world. Following several
requests for an offer combining the best of our services in an "all-in-one" offer, we have designed the RHODIUM offer for you for a single payment. We have revised this economical and unique offer in France as of May 8, 2022. services included available separately here https://comeup.com/@johng1

👉 REMINDER: Creating an Amazon KDP cover is a complete service in itself. It is preferable to delegate and entrust to a single service provider the creation of your cover + assembly of the manuscript + publication in Amazon KDP."


AMAZON PRODUCT PAGE | Register my book in 8 additional categories on Amazon.fr. In addition to the 2 standard categories
EXPLANATION: once your book is online, we will add either the ebook or the paperback to 8 additional categories on Amazon.fr. This is important for your visibility. You increase the chances that your book will be seen and added to the cart.

📁 YES, I want the original of my COVER if you have to modify/correct it to fit Amazon KDP
EXPLANATION: at the end of the order, you receive your cover formatted and adapted for your manuscript. It is recommended not to modify it and to keep it carefully on your computer and on a USB key. It will only be in high definition PDF format, in compliance with Amazon KDP technical specifications.

📁 YES, I want the original of my MANUSCRIPT if you have to modify/correct it to fit Amazon KDP
EXPLANATION: at the end of the order, you receive your manuscript formatted and adapted for your cover. It is recommended not to modify it and to keep it carefully on your computer and on a USB key. It will only be in PDF format for printing and KPF for Kindle ebook, in compliance with Amazon KDP technical specifications.

🤔 Package for complex manuscript (presence of overlaid and "invisible" images) of less than 100 pages.
EXPLANATION: Sometimes a manuscript is not at all suitable for publication on Amazon KDP, for various technical reasons. In this case, we have to layout each page one by one. This operation is time-consuming and requires more time. In this case, we invite you to subscribe to this option.

✅ Please include the QR Code of my website at the end of my manuscript.
EXPLANATION: A QR code, also known as a 2D code, flascode, will be added to one of the last pages of your manuscript. This visual will redirect to a URL (web address) of your choice, such as your website, Facebook page, Instagram account, or others. This helps to build loyalty with your readership and creates an authentic connection with them.

✅ Please include the logos and names of my social media networks Facebook, Instagram, and/or Tiktok at the end of my manuscript.
EXPLANATION: A logo (pictogram) as well as the name of your accounts will be added to one of the last pages of your manuscript. These visuals help to build loyalty with your readership and create an authentic connection with them.

🔎 YES, I want to proofread my manuscript and check the LAYOUT before publishing on Amazon KDP.
EXPLANATION: Congratulations, you are demanding! Once your manuscript is formatted to the size of the cover, and before we send it to Amazon KDP, you will receive the PDF file. You can send us your annotations, notes, and comments in one message. Please note that from the start, make sure to send us a manuscript without spelling mistakes and finished. This OPTION pauses the entire publishing process and extends your order by 10 days. Furthermore, its cost is relatively high. It has been put in place for authors and writers who are extremely demanding, like you. In the majority of cases, this option is not necessary, and you can check it yourself by reading the comments of previous people who have trusted us.

🖊️YES, I want you to design an optimized description of my book for Amazon KDP.
EXPLANATION: When your book is listed on Amazon KDP, a description must be provided. In reality, it's more precisely a sales text'. This OPTION is intentionally not well described because I use a METHOD that I learned; specific copywriting for books on Amazon KDP. I can't tell you more about this sales page accessible to my competitors and kind colleagues 😉. The final result will be a structured text including a narrative arc, encouraging the prospect to add your book to their cart.

🎨 YES, I want you to add A+ content to the sales page of my book on Amazon.
EXPLANATION: When your book is listed on Amazon KDP, your sales page will be enriched with content. A+ content allows you to add images, text, and comparison tables to your Amazon product page to generate interest among readers and communicate more information when they consider buying your book. Add A+** content** to your product page to make your book stand out, allow readers to become familiar with your books, and share your journey as an author.

🖊️ YES, I want you to spend more time researching the best keywords that will help my book sell on Amazon.
EXPLANATION: When your book is listed on Amazon KDP, 7 keywords must be provided. With this OPTION, we will use the AMZ Suggestion Expander (free)** and Helium10.com (paid) applications to obtain better keywords that will provide more visibility.

  • You agree to read the Kindle Direct Publishing's Terms and Conditions on the online platform.
  • You will check that your book title does not contain any mistakes or errors.
  • You will check that your manuscript does not contain any mistakes or errors BEFORE validating the order. Please send us your manuscript, title, subtitle, description texts, and final cover. Any correction made to your documents after the order is validated may be subject to additional invoicing.
  • You understand that once the order is validated and the files sent into production, you will not be able to send us modified files again.
  • You will check that your manuscript does not have more than 4 blank pages in a row.
  • You will make sure that the text of your manuscript is displayed in a sufficiently large and readable font for readers.
  • You will immediately inform us if you have your ISBN number. You will also specify the name of the purchasing organization. Example: AFNIL
  • You must notify us in advance if your work has already been published by a publishing house before.
  • You certify that you are the owner of the https://kdp.amazon.com account. If not, please notify us before validating the order.
  • The phone number and email address indicated for this Amazon KDP account must belong to you.
  • You must have the copyright on the work and visuals.
  • You agree to be responsive and provide all requested documents and files as far as possible.
  • You agree not to modify the manuscripts and covers already uploaded by ourselves and/or during our collaboration (as long as the order is open).
  • You agree that we format your manuscript + cover and publish it in your Amazon KDP account, without proofreading or prior verification. In the sense that there is no intermediate step stopping the order and allowing you to read each page of your manuscript.
  • You will place your author copy orders yourself if necessary. This is not included in your order.
  • You understand that advertising performance depends on many parameters and criteria, and we cannot guarantee the results of advertising campaigns.
  • Make sure your Amazon Advertising account is properly configured.
  • You understand that exchanges will be exclusively in writing, in the chat space of the Order from Comeup.com.
⚠️ You now understand that your manuscript must be final and completed before placing your order. Once it has been validated and the production process has started, we cannot go back. As you will understand, any desired modifications after order validation will result in an additional charge. 😉

I'm not sure if my book is ready to be sold, can I ask for your advice?

YES, send your manuscript/cover in a private message. You will receive feedback and advice on our various services to improve it if needed before referencing it.

Can you work directly on my Amazon KDP account?
YES, you will provide us with your login details after subscribing to the service.

Why can't my title be on the spine of the cover?
Depending on the number of pages of your book and various constraints, it is possible that the title may not be applicable on the spine (side).

Does the service also include advertising fees?
NO, your advertising expenses are payable directly to Amazon Advertising via your credit card. Plan for a minimum of 30€ for 30 days, or 1€ per day. Rest assured, Amazon usually doesn't spend the entire budget.

Will my book sell immediately after being referenced on Amazon? Is there anything else to do afterwards?
YES, there will be other things to do afterwards, such as promoting and advertising your book. Indeed, we are benevolent in our approach and it may be said that your book will be drowned in an "ocean" of books on Amazon.fr.
Your book probably won't sell "on its own", without doing anything.
You need to understand this.
However, rest assured that we will accompany you in the short, medium, and long term if possible and if you are willing.

Why isn't my Kindle ebook link clickable? Why isn't my Kindle ebook displaying correctly on my computer?
The visibility of your document depends on the software or reader (tools) you use. For example, while we "justify" the manuscript text, it may appear as "unjustified" on certain e-readers. Finally, certain features such as font, color, brightness, and page width depend on the source file you provide us with. By providing a manuscript in .ODT or WORD format, you will have access to these features. In other words, if your manuscript is in PDF format, the formatting will only be done in KPF (fixed format), and your readers will not be able to change the font size, text color, etc. especially on e-readers.

Why can't my e-reader read my ebook published on Amazon KDP?
The visibility of your document depends on the hardware, software, or reader (tools) you use. Your service consists of uploading a manuscript and a cover in order to manufacture and publish a book on Amazon. It has nothing to do with a reading device. A device is a computer product subject to many hazards. Our work ends when we upload the book to the Amazon KDP site and it is checked, validated, and appears for sale on Amazon platforms. This means that Amazon has deemed everything to be good. Therefore, our work stops there. Conversely, when the book is rejected, we must do everything possible to correct or adapt it based on Amazon KDP's recommendations. We are not responsible for a technical problem that has nothing to do with the publication of your book on the Amazon KDP site.

Do you need a layout before publishing on Amazon KDP?

Do you need a cover that will sell on Amazon KDP? Contact me now!

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