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Some people are good at painting, singing or dancing. My superpower is writing.

It only takes me a few words to make people cry. My pen is a formidable weapon that I use to support the greatest causes. By writing optimized blog posts, I leave an indelible mark on each of your readers.

Polyandrous, my multiple loves allow me to write on a multitude of subjects. Whether it's interior design, gardening or even business, I blend into any environment like a chameleon.

Yes, the true Samurai of words that I am is not afraid to take on new challenges. The question is whether or not you are ready to follow me on these paths. Clicking "order" could be the beginning of your new e-reputation.

Skeptical? The many positive reviews I've received are a perfect testimony to the positive impact of my texts.

===> What they think of this service

"Very satisfied with Aona's work. The work was fast, efficient and the communication went very well. Aona immediately understood my request and knew how to transcribe it into a very nice article. I will work with her again without hesitation." - Nafashop.

"Very talented!!! A tweak, a retouch, all delivered in 24 hours, congratulations for this pen. A very very satisfied customer!" - Davy Herbert.

"A huge thank you for this speed but especially for the result." - Julie Rabacal.

"I am always satisfied with the articles written by Aona. Yet another service conducted with seriousness. The fast delivery is a plus. See you soon for other articles." - Anne DE.

"Well done!" - Philis.

===> Why trust me?

The answer can be resumed in one word: Bushido.

Meaning "the way of the warrior", this nipponese word designates the code of moral principles that Japanese warriors were required to observe. I like to describe myself as a samurai of words and I take example from the strength of character of these soldiers without fear or dread.

My bushido can be summarized in three points:

1- Emotion: more than words, every text you receive will be loaded with emotion. The blog posts I write are not meant to go unnoticed. Beyond SEO or editorial strategy, they speak to the hearts of those who read them.

2- Uniqueness: no plagiarism, no translation and no AI. Yes, I know... It's a shame to have to mention it in a web writing service. Sincere in my actions, I make it a point to fight against duplicate content and low content.

3- Truth: real information. The surest way to lose credibility is to report false information. As a real bookworm, I would scour the web for literary, artistic and scientific sources of rare relevance.

Because of my assiduous follow-up of "The Way of the Warrior", my statistics on Come Up are high. And above all, my clients all perceive the benefits of my texts. Increased time spent on the site, increased conversion rate, ... let my texts whisper in the ears of your readers.

Will you walk next to me according to the precepts of Bushido?

===> What will you get by opting for this service?

For 5 €, I will write a premium article of 200 words. No plagiarism, no crudely translated text or text entered using an AI assistant. Each word will be carefully selected and typed by me.

Please note that the text you receive will automatically include the following services:
=> 100% organic writing for the ultimate in emotion;
=> a Word layout including an h1 title and hn subtitles;
=> no spelling, grammar or syntax errors
=> URL anchors redirecting to the sources (if needed);
=> a 100% editable file for an easy integration on CMS.

-X- Please note that I do not write on the following themes: gambling, CBD, tobacco and e-cigarettes. -X-

The document will be returned to you as a Word file within a maximum of 48 hours.

It's time for your readers to finally have texts that captivate them. By saying “yes” to this offer, you will have articles that will make you proud. Click on "order" and let a samurai take care of your e-branding.

Aona, Samurai of words.

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