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Writing a page is not an easy exercise. It is important to have quality texts. But they need to be engaging and allow your audience to understand your products and services. They need to be won over from the very first words, but they also need to know if your brand is a good fit for them. The pages must also comply with the rules set up by Google.

Do you want to have web pages that are impactful and stand out from the crowd? Do you want to showcase your products and services, but don't know how? I am certainly the right person for you!

Who am I?

My name is Amandine. I have a master's degree in business school and an MSc in Marketing, Communication and Business Strategies from INSEEC, as well as a master's degree in digital strategy and communication. I know how to perfectly understand the expectations of each client. Whether it's to sell, to promote yourself or simply to give some tips to your audience: everything is possible!
By using my web page writing service, you can benefit from :
✅ A unique page that matches your target and your products.
✅ A page that makes you want to learn more.
✅ A page that respects the rules established by Google in terms of SEO.
✅ A page that is in line with your editorial strategy.

When you decide to use my service for the writing of your web page, you will get a quality content that will meet your expectations.

What I offer for 10€ is

For 10€, you can get a 500 words SEO optimized web page. This page will contain different parts to highlight the product or service you offer. Keywords related to your theme will, of course, be inserted into the page.

Additional options

If you need a service that is even more personalised, you can opt for the additional options. Here is what can be offered within this service.

▶️ One more page

This option simply allows you to add an extra page or simply get a 1000 word page rather than a 500 word page. The following options for the number of additional pages work in the same way.

▶️ The CMS package

If you need to integrate your pages directly into your site, this option is for you. Indeed, this option allows you to have the title tag, the keyword tag, but also the meta description tag so that you are referenced, at best, in your search engine.

You don't have to give me access to your website for me to integrate the page. You will just have to copy the tags from the word file that will be sent to you. However, if it is easier for you to create an account for me to integrate the content, please do so!

⚠️ I don't put any words in bold, colour or italics, even if requested when placing the order. I do not put any backlinks in the articles either.

▶️ Express delivery

If you find that the deadlines are too long for the writing of your web pages, you can opt for express delivery. This will cut the assignment time in half.

Some guidelines to bear in mind

⭕ Politeness. I am always polite to my clients and feel I am entitled to the same, even if we disagree on something.
⭕ In order for a touch-up request to be accepted, please be polite and courteous. I understand that we don't necessarily have the same vision of the final result, but your request must be formulated politely and without aggression. Also, you have 24 hours following a request for retouching to indicate the elements to be modified. Once the 24 hours have passed, the retouch request will be automatically refused.
⭕ If I ask you for resources on your topic. Indeed, sometimes topics don't offer a huge amount of resources and it is possible that you ask me for a retouch. It will be accepted if you send me information that allows me to clarify certain points within my article.
⭕ Refunds can be made when the order is not yet validated or when the order is in progress. Nevertheless, whether it is in one case or the other, I prefer that you talk to me about it beforehand so that I understand your reasons for cancelling the order. Also, please be aware that a refund will never be made on my initiative either before or during an order. A refund will not be possible when a request for alterations has been made.
⭕ I do not work on weekends. Therefore, orders that fall on a Saturday or Sunday will be sent by Friday evening at the latest.

Frequently asked questions

I need several items, can I order several in one order?
Yes, of course you can. Simply add up the total number of words and select the appropriate options.

I have not yet received a response to my order validation or to the message I sent. Is this normal?
I have 48 hours to validate an order. It is possible that I have not had the time to consider your request or question and this can sometimes take longer, even if I try to optimize my response time.

My text does not meet my expectations, what can I do?
I'm really sorry about that and you can ask for a touch-up. However, the request must be clear so that I can make the necessary changes. No other retouching request (free or paid) can be asked. Also, on large orders where the items are delivered progressively, a request for alterations can only be made once everything has been delivered.

I would like to be delivered earlier, but I don't want to pay for express delivery. Is this possible?
Express delivery is an option that allows you to be delivered earlier. It is expensive because I have to rearrange my schedule. However, if you don't want to pay for express delivery, but still want to have your texts delivered earlier, this may be possible depending on the work I have. If my schedule is full, you will be delivered according to the deadline. If my schedule is less full, you may be delivered earlier. However, please note that requests for retouching will not be accepted for texts delivered in advance, without having taken the "express delivery" option.

I placed an order with a specific subject. Can I change it during the order process?
No, as soon as the order is placed and validated by me, you will not be able to change the subject. You will have to place a new order, if necessary.

Can I see examples of your work before I place an order?
This may be possible, but not on all subjects. I never send Word documents to clients who have not placed an order. However, I can send you sites where articles written by me have been published on certain subjects.

Can the writing style vary for a specific order?
Yes, but you will have to send me sources of the style you like so that I can use them as inspiration.

Do you use software for content optimisation?
Yes, YourTextGuru. But if you want me to use another software you can give me access to your account without any worries.

In what format is the text delivered?
In .docx format, but it can be delivered in another format on request if required.

Do you deliver the texts on time?
Yes, as indicated on my profile, I have a 100% on-time delivery rate. I can, at times, deliver early depending on the time, but also on my progress.

Do not hesitate to ask me your questions in private.
See you soon!

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