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"The best place to hide a dead body is on the Second page of Google" ☠️

The Huffington Post probably made fun of your website publishing an article on SEO with this shocking, yet accurate Title

Indeed, if you are not on the first page of search engines, you will have nothing :

❌ No traffic
❌ No sales

When was the last time you had a sale hailing from Google ?, the last time someone found you on the first page by typing a keyword on the search bar?

If you haven't optimized your website properly for search engines, chances are you will disappear forever on page 2, page 3, page 10 etc..

And you will keep having no prospects, no leads


And yet, everything is EASY PEASY! 😎

Today, creating a website has become EASY. The majority of entrepreneurs know how to custom a Shopify or Wordpress template

It is EASY to make beautiful designs and a logo with Canva

In a nutshell, anyone can have a beautiful website up and running...

Sure, but does your beautiful website generate organic traffic? 🤔

It's all EASY, alright, but if it's EASY for you, it's EASY for EVERYONE

And you don't want the same results as everyone else, right?

You don't want to be one of the 99% of websites that are invisible

Well, for that, you'll have to avoid...

The mistake 99% of entrepreneurs make when creating their website 🛑

By customizing the CMS template to add your designs, texts and your touch of personality, you're slaughtering your website's SEO, and that's before you've even indexed your website!

Because every miscalculated action can :
😬 Make your theme heavier
🔄 Modify the meta-structures of your website
💔 Disrupt your indexed links (URL issues, 404 errors, redirects etc...)

If on top of that, you don't create optimized content, following a keyword strategy, then you won’t ever rank your website on the top first Google Result Pages

Unfortunately, today, I see too many poorly optimized websites, containing disqualifying mistakes in SEO.

And I think that all these webmasters are losing money by leaving SEO aside...

Not calling a SEO expert = Spelling the demise of your business

➡️ You generate fewer income
➡️ You leave the opportunity to your competitors to take all the first places

In order to offer you a good SEO, I decided to create a complete and professional SEO audit and optimization service


A SEO audit by whom?

I'm Loïc, SEO expert 📈

I have spent many years working for corporate websites, advising my clients on their SEO and optimizing their SEO

I've had the opportunity to build several websites and frommy experience, I know what works, what to do and what not to do in order to improve your SEO.

I am passionate about SEO and I offer several types of services in this sector

Thus, I decided to release my most complete SEO service 💎. I want to offer you a customized SEO solution

Outrank your competitors on Google and gain new customers NOW


How does SEO work for your website?

There are two fundamental criteria to consider:

1️⃣ The SEO Onsite: It refers to the inner part of your website. A good on-site SEO is a website with quality content, structured Hn tags, optimized meta descriptions and an effective user experience (UX).

The better your onsite SEO, the more organic traffic you will get and the longer your visitors will stay on your website, reinforcing the positive signals your website sends to Google

2️⃣ Offsite SEO: It refers to the external part of your website. Never think of your website as a closed space. A good off-site SEO is a website recognized on the web with links from other websites (Backlinks)

If you manage to have both 🥇🥇, then you will win the tough SEO battle and your website will be self-sufficient.

That is to say, you will have organic traffic every month with leads, that will become buyers and bring in passive income every month.

So... 🔊 ~Just give me the URL of your website and I will audit your website and improve its SEO!


A Unique Solution: SEO made simple for everyone 😌

At this point, you're probably wondering how to find and fix your problems?

First of all, we will analyze the technical part (⚒️technical audit) of your website and lay out all its strengths, weaknesses, errors and areas that need improvement

I will explain how to correct these problems and make sure that you have a clean website

Then, we will move on to the onsite SEO and offsite SEO part, as well as the analysis of your competitors. In the same way, we will do an analysis and I will list the corrections to apply to your website

You will receive a video 🎥 showing you all the points discussed on your website's CMS 💬

I'm committed to being as clear as possible, explaining things as simply as possible, so you don't feel like you're getting an audit report that makes no sense.

Long story short, I want you to understand your mistakes and to know how to fix them

With this service, you'll get your website off to a good start, ready to take off to the top of the search engines 🚀

Order the 1st Position Pack

1st Position Pack
⚒️ Technical Audit
💻 SEO Audit On-site
🔗 SEO Audit Off-site
⚔️ Competitors Audit
💬 Explanations of corrections to be made


You want to move faster? I like that...

Let’s move on to the ** Rolls-Royce SEO Pack 🏎️**

An all-inclusive package to analyze and correct all your problems. You will also benefit from premium SEO services in order to rank without further delay

Rolls-Royce SEO Pack 🏎️ Value
⚒️ Technical Audit value : 400 €
💻 SEO Audit Onsite value : 500 €
🔗 Audit SEO Offsite value : 300 €
⚔️ Competitors Audit value : 200 €
👨💻 Technical corrections and SEO optimizations value : 1500 €
🚀 Optimization of your website speed value : 400 €
🥷🤫 Hold-up of your competitors value : 900 €
🎁 Bonus : 10 Premium Backlinks value : 100 €
Price 4300 € 1200 €

Let's analyze what you will get with the Royce SEO Pack🏎️ :

⚒️ Technical Audit: I analyze the potential of your website and list all the technical errors that prevent you from taking off and gaining organic traffic

💻Audit SEO Onsite : Discover how Google sees your website. I analyze your meta-data and explain how to optimize your onsite SEO in the best possible way to gain maximum traffic

🔗 Offsite SEO Audit: Find out why your competitors are outranking you and learn how to gain authority on the web. I create your custom Offsite SEO strategy to maintain your positions on the web

⚔️ Competitors Audit: I get the SEO data of your competitors and expose you their choices and strategies. I will show you their weakness and how to do better.
Within the limit of two competitors.

👨💻 Technical corrections and SEO optimizations: The SEO done-for-you. I’ll take care of all the identified problems and improve the SEO for you, directly on your website CMS. It saves time, money and gets the job done right!

🚀 Optimizing your website speed: I will minimize your code to improve the speed of your website. Your pages will load faster. This will reduce your bounce rate and improve your lead *-retention as well as your SEO

🥷🤫 Hold-up from your competitors: I will replicate the best backlinks from your competitors and index them on your website. Just imagine the look on their faces.
Within the limit of two competitors

🎁 Bonus: 10 Premium Backlinks : Icing on the cake 🍒, I’ll give you my 10 best backlinks


Why using my services?

I've been working on SEO for years, I've built several websites from A to Z and, from my experience and mistakes, I know how to avoid all the problems that will ruin your SEO**.

My clients who ordered one of my SEO services (articles, audit, backlinks...) are delighted, they earn money and they recommend me

If you have great ambitions for your website, you must do what is necessary to increase your organic traffic. In order to do that, you need a professional SEO strategy 📈


« I'm interested in your services, but they seem a bit expensive »

An SEO audit performed by a professional will cost you several thousand euros. These are the prices applied by SEO agencies in France, you can check

But above all, remember one thing:

👉 Never underestimate the potential of SEO. SEO is the only way to convey free and regular traffic. Once the work is done, all you have to do is enjoy your income every month.

👉 With my Rolls-Royce option, I don't just offer an audit, I will make sure you rank on Google SERPs.

Even a small niche can make 500€/month if the work is done properly
As for a medium niche, we will aim for 2-3000€/month
Imagine what can be done for a big niche…

And don't forget that you don't have to do anything, I take care of everything


Imagine your business in 6 months - 1 year 💭

You have successfully created a SEO strategy. You start to have thousands of prospects, and they buy from you! You start to earn passive income every month, without doing anything, a few hundred euros, then 1000€, 2000€, 3000€...

You now have the ability to reinvest your money and create a reputation for yourself in your field

And in any case, I would be delighted to have helped you to develop your website. So don't wait any longer and order now

1️⃣ Place an order according to your needs
2️⃣ Send me the link of your website and tell me a little about your niche

Then I'll take care of the rest

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