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**Recurring traffic to your site through SEO optimized articles**

Special introductory offer available!!!

You want:

Increase the visibility of your website and attract more visitors?

Improve your online presence and attract more customers to your site?

Boost the visibility of your business on the internet?

Attract more visitors to your blog without spending on paid traffic?

Publish regular textual content without doing the writing work?

***You've come to the right place.***

~I will be happy to count you among my first clients on ComeUp.~

## SEO optimized blog posts for your visibility

If you're reading this, you probably know that :

Appearing among the first page results on Google is the only way to reach an audience without paying for traffic.
SEO optimized articles help your site rank among the top results on Google.
It is essential to opt for high-quality content that improves your site's SEO.

*This is doubly beneficial for your business. First, you attract qualified visitors to your site, because they need precisely what is there. Secondly, you don't spend any money on advertising.*

**Search engine optimization is one of the most important marketing levers for your website. So, to ensure the visibility of your company on the web, you must have quality content on your blog.**

> By entrusting me with your copywriting tasks, your site benefits from the most effective acquisition levers to get more visibility and increase its relevant traffic. More visitors on your site with an interesting conversion rate only thanks to the texts written.

## Who I am ?

I'm Boladji, web editor & Copywriter since 2020. I've been coaching agencies, publishing houses and individuals outside of ComeUp for the past 3 years.

**I come to offer my services on ComeUp to help as many people as possible and to reach more different profiles then work on new and exciting projects.**

Get an SEO optimized article writing expert to write your articles.

## Why choose me to write content for your blog?

I've been doing this job for 3 years now. I have enough experience and I know how to get the best textual content for your topic.

*My 3 years of experience in writing SEO optimized articles have given me the necessary skills to increase the audience of your website with quality content. Indeed, my mission is to write authentic SEO optimized articles that will boost your website by driving direct traffic to it.*

Being an experienced freelance writer, I have the ability to provide you with a solid SEO strategy.
SEO based on quality blog posts that include keywords relevant to your site. Catchy and airy articles. Unique content written with a clear writing style and tone that is relevant to your target audience. Content oriented for your target audience and for Google.

You get a better visibility on Google while increasing the organic traffic of your site. Google takes many factors into account when ranking an article, not just keywords. As a web writer and, above all, as an expert, I have the skills to go beyond the simple keyword research.

> Entrusting me with the writing of your articles allows you to be more productive while reinforcing your content strategy. This way, you create quality textual content on a regular basis that will rank well. I produce this content for your site while respecting your editorial charter.

*With my services, you will regularly attract organic traffic to your site. I write articles that have the particularity of attracting and maintaining the attention of Internet users and then inciting them to take action.*

~I'm here to make it easier for you to write content for your blog.~

**In short, you :**

Become regular in producing content for your blog,

Enrich the content of your site while diversifying it,

Become much more productive,

Improve the user experience of your audience,

Allow your site to rank better,

**Not to mention, you :**

Get a well-referenced blog post that increases traffic to your site,

Get quality, error-free and optimized articles without taking the headache about writing.

As a technical writer, I am equipped with a very good general knowledge. I can produce informative and relevant blog posts on specialized topics.

**I work on the content to ensure that it is easy to read and understand for your audience.**

~Contact me now to discuss your article writing needs. I will improve your website's relevant traffic and attract more visitors to your site.~

I am responsive and professional. My love for writing allows me to write on different topics such as :
Tips and tricks, Sports and fitness, Health, Food, Nutrition, Cooking recipes, Baking recipes, Technology, Scientific discoveries, Real estate, Entrepreneurship, Digital marketing, Finance, Economics, Cryptocurrencies, Personal development, etc.

## Who is this writing service for ?

My blog post writing service is for anyone who wants to :

Improve the SEO of his site and attract more qualified visitors to it.

Increase the visibility and organic traffic of their site.

Increase the time spent on his website.

Use SEO as a traffic acquisition lever

Delegate the tasks of writing and producing content for your site

Improve the user experience of your visitors

Position your website on new keywords

Work on the content of his blog to increase his audience and his notoriety

Have authentic content, free of mistakes and with zero plagiarism on your site

~If you want to improve the SEO of your site and attract more qualified visitors to it, contact me, so we can discuss your project.~

I am the freelancer who will boost your company's visibility on the internet with SEO optimized articles.

## Offre

What do you get for 5 euros ?
For 5 euros, I will write you an SEO optimized article of 1000 words according to the theme of your choice.

**Good to know :** special launch offer available until July 10th!

Attention!!! Limited launch offer

Image I can add royalty-free images to your article. Depending on your needs, you can choose this option.
Page layout I can make your document look great with a professional layout. A well formatted document attracts and encourages reading. This offer is available as an option.
SEO optimization with Semrush / 1.fr Semrush and 1.fr are premium SEO tools. They help the writer to find the best keywords for your article depending on the topic. If you want me to use them during the content writing process, just check this option when ordering. PACKS include the use of these tools for a better result.
Plagiarism check with Quetext.com / Yourtext guru These are premium tools that are used to obtain the plagiarism rate and to detect duplicate content. I personally use them to check the authenticity of the articles I write once the content is produced.
Tagging with H1, H2, H3, Strong, em / Bold, italic, highlighting (if needed) Ideal to improve the referencing of your article and to insist on certain words or themes.

Special offer packages to get turnkey items :

Writing of 1000 words (subdivisible into two articles of 500 words) **5 €**
Keyword research (1 main keyword + 5 associated keywords) **5 €**
Layout **5 €**
Addition of 2 royalty free images **5 €**
**Value of the pack** **20 €**

VIP PACK (250 € instead of 300 €) Price (For 5 articles of 1000 words)
Writing of 5000 words (subdivisible in several articles of 500 or 1000 words) **25 €**
Keyword research (1 main keyword + 5 associated keywords) / article **50 €**
Layout / article **50 €**
Addition of 10 royalty-free images / item **50 €**
**Value of the pack** **300 €**

VVIP PACK (550 € instead of 600 €) Price (For 10 articles of 1000 words)
Writing of 10000 words (subdivisible in several articles of 500 or 1000 words) **300 €**
Keyword research (1 main keyword + 5 associated keywords) / article **100 €**
Layout / article **50 €**
Addition of 20 royalty-free images / item **100 €**
**Value of the pack** **600 €**

PLATINUM PACK (850 € instead of 1000 €) Price (For 20 articles of 1000 words)
Writing of 20000 words (subdivisible in several articles of 500 or 1000 words) **600 €**
Keyword research (1 main keyword + 5 associated keywords) / article **200 €**
Layout / article **200 €**
Addition of 40 royalty-free images / item **150 €**
**Value of the pack** **1000 €**

**I answer your questions in this FAQ**

## What are the benefits of your article writing service ?
Producing quality content takes a lot of time. My job is to write relevant, informative and SEO optimized blog posts. As an experienced freelancer, I have the skills to proofread and optimize articles for SEO. As a result, your site benefits from higher quality content that attracts the attention and interest of your target audience.

However, the biggest advantage of my article writing service is that it allows you to use SEO as a very effective marketing lever. I write relevant and quality blog posts on your area of expertise that make you gain the trust of your customers and encourage them to visit your website.

## How do I know the authenticity of my blog posts ?
After each delivery, I provide the authenticity report of your blog post**. I also provide you with its optimization score and its uniqueness rate.
To get them, you just have to check this option when you order.

## Why are your rates so low ?
I am a newcomer on the platform. In my field where the competition is very tough, lowering my rates helps me to position myself quickly on this marketplace.

As a cheap web editor, I have better chances to get my first sales faster and thus have my first customer reviews. These will only confirm my expertise and allow me to raise the prices of my services. So consider yourself lucky to be able to benefit from such rates.

~I will be happy to count you among my first customers !~

## How to get changes after receiving my blog post ?
In case you are not completely satisfied with the result, you can ask for a touch-up. To do so, just notify me. I will be happy to retouch the document to allow you to obtain the results you want.

I would like to point out that for the basic offer, you get a maximum of two retouches. The number of retouches varies according to the offer you choose.

If you wish to benefit from an unlimited number of touch-ups, it is wiser to place the order for the "**recommended**" offer at least.

You can also benefit from a solid SEO strategy based on producing quality textual content. Writing content optimized for search engines is a very effective acquisition lever to increase the visibility of your website and gain notoriety.

## Why not pay for traffic to my site ?
Content is king. Producing quality content, i.e., writing informative and relevant blog posts, is still the best way to attract continuous traffic to your site. By working with a skilled technical writer, your content will be easy to read and understand for your target audience, while being optimized for SEO.

Opting for advertising is a short-term solution to drive traffic to your site. You will get traffic, but at a high price. The visitors who land on your site do not always correspond to your target audience. In addition, you will quickly run out of budget to keep the ads running. It's a waste of time and money, as prospects will stop coming to your site.

Writing blog posts is a great inbound marketing way to attract visitors. All you need to do is publish interesting and authentic content on your blog. By using appropriate tags and keywords and working on the content, you build your audience and increase traffic to your site. Content that meets the needs of your target audience and respects your editorial guidelines.

## How do you choose which keywords to use in your articles ?
The use of relevant keywords is crucial for the visibility of your content on Google. In my content design process, I make sure that the main keyword is relevant and consistent with your theme. I also make sure that it is well integrated into your website content and tags using advanced writing techniques. I also accompany this main keyword with several associated keywords that are in the same theme to maximize your visibility.

I work on the fluidity of the content while respecting your editorial charter. I improve the user-friendliness of your website, which increases the satisfaction of your customers. It is also very important to offer them an
optimal user experience.

*You have other concerns ? Don't hesitate to contact me with them. I will answer you automatically.*

**If you want to attract more customers to your site and increase your online presence, contact me. I am the freelancer you need to achieve your goals with relevant and optimized articles.**

Now is the time to take advantage of the special introductory offer!!!

I look forward to working with you.


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