I will create your custom SEO WordPress site*

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*Let me create a professional WordPress website to maximize your chances of getting potential clients, as well as a nice professional brand image*.

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*You need a **website** to start your business
of E-commerce?*

*Are you an E-merchant or Dropshipper and you want to have an On-page WordPress site or showcase for your business?*

*Are you a business, real estate agency, tourism or beauty brand and you don't know how to create a site?*

*Are you looking for someone who will make a website that meets your expectations?*

*You are entrepreneurs and you have **no knowledge** to create a website?*

***If so, you've come to the right place!***

>*Rest assured, you are not the only one to encounter these difficulties. because many e-merchants face this situation, that's why my design service for your WordPress site can make your life easier and help you become profitable.

>*Or maybe you're about to quit your business after watching YouTube videos, reading books, training and despite all these efforts no results. The thing is, you're disappointed and you feel like the world is against you*.

My achievements

1- https://www.silklaser.be/

2- https://www.maisondelafemmegeneve.com/

3- https://www.luxua.fr/

4 - https://brejapartners.com/

5 - https://www.rsuniversconsulting.com/


*Welcome to my single and multi-site WordPress creation services page! If you are an e-merchant or a beginner or expert Dropshipper, you have come to the right place.

You are looking for ways to present your business online in a professional, fast and modern way. This is where I can help you*.

*to present a company*,

*a brand, or an activity*,

*to generate direct sales with the product catalog part*.

*But also advantageous, when you sell several products*.

*Effect, you have very little chance of being credible in the eyes of your visitors in your activity. If it is poorly designed and does not inspire confidence*.

*basic themes for beginners, free versions*

*with your domain name or subdomain*

*and simply adding a product with bad copywriting as well as spelling and grammatical errors no longer works*.

*This is why it is advisable to call on an expert capable of doing an impeccable job to obtain an impactful branding, in short, a turnkey site*.


---**I specialize in creating professional and effective Wordpresses sites for small business owners and individuals.

---*My goal is to help you increase your sales and drive your online growth*.

---*Whether it's your first site online or upgrading your existing site, I'm here to help*.

---*I'm up to date with the latest trends in WordPress design, marketing, and development, which means I'm able to offer you a unique and awesome store*.

these technical skills and technical knowledge in practice, using cms software to create a good website, in order to obtain a breathtaking final result*.

*Offer a professional online store to your customers!*

*The **shop** must give your future buyers confidence*,

* Able to increase your conversion rates, natural referencing on search engines and commerce platform*.

---*With quality editorial content through your **product sheets** or customer testimonials, everything is possible to reassure your customers provided you do things right*.

---*No detail should be neglected to guarantee your success and this necessarily requires an impactful store that embodies professionalism since having a simple showcase site with a plugin is not enough!*

---***Copywriting**: is the ultimate weapon to explode in turnover! A good product without an excellent structured marketing argument cannot make your customers want it, it is absolutely useless*.

---* This is why the product sheet is there to bring out the emotions of your prospects to persuade them that your product is made for them and it is the only solution to their problem!*

---*But not everything is as simple and obvious as you think for the creation of website, when you decide to do e-commerce*...

---*To start building a website, as you can see, you need to have several skills in various sector to really stand out and stand out from these competitors*

---* On the other hand, by combining all these skills to design a site on WordPress whatever the type of site, type of website *.

---*The implementation of a graphic charter and powerful copywriting will clearly help you to have results in addition to positioning yourself well on the search results*.

---*You wouldn't want that to happen to you either and that's not what you want!* *I can design your different photos on following niches* :

Niches and activities

Real estate agency

Crypto currencies

Tourism agency



Health and diet

Recipes and cooking

Beauties and Fashions


*For 5 €: I will create your custom SEO WordPress site*.

***I will install a free and unpaid theme that suits your product or niche***.

***Level up your business and be profitable!***

Top of the one page website

Section 1: Home with or without slideshow.

Section 2: About

Section 3: Our Achievements

Section 4: Call to Action

Section 5: BLOG

Section 6: Contact Form

Little training at the end to help you master your site.

One page website footer

Setting up adapted images

Retouches limited to 4 times

Price: ~~€150~~ to €75

Showcase website offer

Top of the showcase website

Showcase website footer

Homepage: Banner of images, Our services, Our achievements, Call for Section1: Action, About, featured articles,...

Integration of a user-friendly slider on the Homepage of the website

Section 2: Our Services Page

Section 3: Our Achievements Page

Section 4: About Page

Section 5: Contact page

Installation and configuration of a blog.

Newsletter installation

2 Additional Pages

3 Additional Pages

4 Additional Pages

5 Additional Pages

Installation of a chat tool with visitors

Website translation into a second language (French or English)

Implementation of natural referencing on the website (SEO)

Integration of social networks (Facebook, instagram, Twitter etc)

Price ~~250€~~ to 150€

Offer Website blog

Blog home page

Custom Article Page

Setting up 5 articles of 100 words (you must provide me)

Setting up 10 articles of 50 words (you must provide me)

3 Retouching

Price ~~€100~~ to €50

I answer all your questions

Q: How to order?

A: To place an order, choose the option you want to buy and click on the "order" button at the bottom of the page.

Q: What are the steps for a successful order?

A: 1-Scroll down below the ad to "Customize this service"
2-Make your choice between the €5 option (already checked) or the options
3-Additional (by checking the options).
4-Now click on the "order" button.
5- then just add your payment information.
6-You send me your instructions by message.
7-I will do the work and deliver it to you.

Q: How do I get a response to my order?

A: After initiating your service order, you will receive a scheduled automatic message. Please wait a moment for me to answer you and take charge of your order.

Q: Do you have experience? Where have you already made a website?

A: Yes of course. I worked with some individual and even in an agency. So if you want to see them no worries; contact me.

Q: How can you be sure of the originality of your work?

A: Indeed, I use professional and quality software to carry out your work like Canva for the creation of images and clipping. Nevertheless, I put forward my sense of creativity based on the site editors. On the other hand, I have a perfect knowledge of HTML code, Webmaster and web software.

Q: Do you make alterations to an order?

A: After the delivery of your order and if you notice an error, please just contact me so that I can correct or retouch as many times; no need to leave negative reviews.

Q: Is it possible to work on the long term?

A: Yes of course and I will be very happy to support you in your project and in achieving your goals.

Q: What do I need to provide for you to start working?

ATo start working on your project ; I will need the following information: your business niche, product photos.

Ask me all your questions if you still have doubts.

**Greeting **

Thank you, see you soon

> CalvinDigital

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