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Do you have a WordPress site but are experiencing display or functionality errors?
Don't have the necessary skills or simply don't have the time?
Why not seek the help of a professional?

Today, having a website is a must, especially if you're a professional. WordPress is considered the most popular tool for creating sites, but often, corrections and updates are needed to avoid errors and bugs, as a site with problems and bugs can harm the image of your business.

Here are some fairly common WordPress-related problems that I can solve:

✔️ Updating WordPress, theme and extensions.
✔️ Errors: 403, 404, 500
✔️ White screen
✔️ WordPress installation problem
✔️ Database connection problem
✔️ Page redirection problem
✔️ CSS, JS, and PHP problem with WordPress theme
✔️ SSL certification problem (https/ssl)
✔️ Translation problem
✔️ Adaptation problem (display on mobile or tablet)

For 5€, I can fix one of these problems:

✔️ White page error
✔️ WordPress update or database connection problem
✔️ Layout correction
✔️ One adaptation problem
✔️ One translation problem

As an option:

✔️ Correction of 3 errors for 10€
✔️ Correction of 5 errors for 30€
✔️ Correction of one CSS or HTML bug for 10€
✔️ Correction of 3 CSS or HTML bugs for 20€
✔️ Correction of 5 CSS or HTML bugs for 30€
✔️ Correction of up to 50 CSS or HTML bugs for 100€
✔️ Correction of 3 translation problems for 10€
✔️ Correction of 5 translation problems for 20€
✔️ Correction of all translation problems for 100€
✔️ Correction of one PHP/JavaScript bug for 70€
✔️ Correction of SSL certification problem for 20€
✔️ Correction and cleaning of an infected WordPress site for 100€

Any questions?
Do not hesitate to contact us before placing an order.
You can also visit our profile for other services: https://comeup.com/@hraf

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