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#Take advantage of the power of Facebook social network and its advertising tool to explode your sales in 2023.
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But before that, let me ask you 3 questions.

Do you want to launch your advertising campaign for your product and make the best statistics in 2023?

Are you looking for an expert to handle your Facebook Ads campaigns and make your business take off?

Are you looking for the best provider to handle your Facebook Ads campaigns optimization?

If you answer yes to any of these questions and you want to have the best possible results, then you are in the right place.

You will have through this service the best quality/price ratio and one of the best services possible to explode your turnover.

Don't worry, here you will have the offer that will solve your problem for sure and make you reach your goal.
Managing Facebook Ads is a complex process for advertisers. However, it remains a key element for businesses looking to increase their online visibility. Search results, ads formats and marketing campaigns are all levers to reach potential customers in an efficient way. Bidding is used to place ads in front of a specific target and relevant keywords are essential to launch a successful advertising campaign. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allow advertisers to measure the success of their advertising campaign~ The length of the campaign and the choice of advertising target, whether it is a awareness or click-through campaign, are essential to achieving optimal results~. If you want to reach a larger audience, a awareness campaign can be a great way. To effectively manage a Facebook ads campaign, you need to understand how AdWords bidding works and how to target your audience. Before launching your first Facebook Ads campaign, it is crucial to define the keywords and target your audience according to your marketing and remarketing goals.

Why should you use my services to create a Facebook Ads campaign?

My name is Elias. I have a professional degree from a national digital marketing school for almost 5 years. For the past 4 years, I have been working in a Social Media Marketing agency using my intelligence and passion for the digital world. My expertise has allowed me to design and implement the best strategies to help our customers succeed in an ever-changing environment ~With me, you'll have more chance of getting your business off the ground with little investment (I'm confident that my strategies are foolproof and you'll have time to find out). ~

Why Facebook Ads is the best channel to get your business off the ground

Facebook remains the most popular social network in the world so far with 1.7 billion users worldwide in 2017. As the number 1 network, it offers one of the best advertising campaigns on the internet to this day. If e-commerce has evolved to this point today, it is largely due to Facebook's advertising offering. This huge database that contains the information of billions of people is a real marketing lever to explode your sales. On Facebook, the advertising format is Facebook Ads. However, Facebook Ads are not always easy to understand for beginners (I myself lost several thousands of euros on Facebook because I didn't know how it works). Once you will have mastered its functioning, you will be able to set up ultra targeted advertising campaigns.

Thanks to the different parameters proposed by Facebook, you can select targeting criteria such as interests, geolocation, family situation, etc.. Indeed, the power of targeting is such that it allows you to precisely target the type of prospect you are aiming at** and maximize the click rate. But be careful because the more precisely you target a person, the more it costs you on Facebook. That's why you should entrust your project to an expert.

For example, you can perform a segmentation based on Facebook criteria

You will be able to select the criteria that correspond to the profiles of the prospects or potential customers you wish to target. You can choose the location criteria (country, region, city, etc.), the socio-demographic criteria (age, family situation, etc.), the focus of interest (travel, sports) or even better the behavior criteria (like, interaction, geolocation)

Segmentation according to a database

Facebook also offers you the possibility to import the database of your contacts in Excel format in order to target your audience. Facebook Ads will compare the email addresses of your contact database with those of the user profiles on Facebook~ in order to target your contacts who are on the Facebook social network.

In the same way, Facebook is able to propose you profiles that match those present on your list: this is the similar audiences Facebook Ads~. This allows you to expand your contact base without losing sight of your current targeting.

Thus, Facebook offers you **incredible marketing power **with lower rates than its competitor Google.

So you feel ready to launch a Facebook Ads?

~Do you feel capable of creating a Facebook Ads campaign but will you have an effective campaign?

Understand that making a good Facebook campaign is not as simple as you think.

You need to know;

☑️ the different types of campaigns
☑️ How to set up a good Facebook Ads marketing campaign?
☑️The different targeting strategies (ABO, CBO, Retargeting, LLA)
☑️How to create an ads with an excellent ratio
☑️How to analyze and improve Cost per Click (Cpc), Cost per Thousand Impressions (Cpm) and Cost per Purchase (Cpa)
☑️How to create an ad with an excellent conversion rate
☑️How to scale your campaigns
In addition, it is important to define your goals, choose the right ad formats and target your audience.

Without the mastery of these key elements mentioned, you will have no chance to have a perfect campaign because the Facebook algorithm will not be interested in your campaign. Indeed, Facebook Ads relies on a bidding strategy because the competition is tough and Facebook can only sponsor you if your ads seem more consistent with your direct competitors.

What are my rates?

🎖️ Basic offer 5€
✅I will create your Facebok Ads campaign with an adset without optimization for a basic test

You can explode your revenue by deciding to delegate the creation and management of your Facebook Ads campaign to me.

That's why I present you the following additional offers.


I will create an advertising campaign that will direct potential customers to your site.

🥈**** SENIOR TESTING PACKAGE**: 100€** 200€
✅Creation and optimization of your Facebook Ads account
✅Installation of Facebook pixel on your website
✅Choosing your targeting objective
✅Targeting the best audiences
✅Creating two professional pictures for your Facebook ads campaign
✅Setting up your advert
✅Launch your Facebook Ads campaign

Bonus: You'll get seven days of tracking for your ad campaign


I'll make a specific campaign that will drive you more traffic and direct leads to your site on an ongoing basis with an incentivized text ad.

🥈🥈** JUNIOR TESTING PACKAGE : 150€** 300€
✅All contents of the SENIOR TESTING PACKAGE
✅Creation of a video campaign
✅Setting up and optimizing ad groups
✅Creation of personalized and similar audiences
I offer you a 30 min call once a week via ComUp to answer all your questions

**Bonus **: You will get 14 days of tracking and optimization of your ad campaign.


I will set up a campaign of notoriety which will direct new customers towards your site in automatic thanks to a strategy Inbomd marketing.

🥇** SCALING PACKAGE : 250€** 500€
✅All the content of the TESTIG JUNIOR PACK
✅Use of optimized keywords for your marketing offer and natural referencing
✅Creation of Facebook Ads retargeting campaigns
✅A/B testing to see which of your visuals, ad copy or audience performs best
✅I'll give you 1 extra 30 min call per week via ComUp to answer your questions

Bonus: You will have 21 days of follow-up and optimization of your advertising campaign. Management of your campaign from start to finish.

If you already have a Facebook Ads campaign running and you want to be accompanied by an expert, this PACK is for you.

✅One week follow-up (07 days) 30€ 25€
✅A two-week follow-up (14 days) 60€ 50€
✅A three-week follow-up (21 days) 80€ 75€

Now that I have presented my service in depth, exactly 3 choices are available to you:

  1. You can decide to quit my page and use another freelance provider because you are not convinced enough of the quality of my work

  2. You can also find my rates cheap and decide to take care of the creation and management of your Facebook Ads campaign yourself.

  3. Or you can make the best possible choice available to you while avoiding :

    ❌conferring your project to a very unprofessional and inexperienced person

` ❌losing a lot of money invested while ending up with very poor results.

Regardless of your final decision, I'm offering a completely free call on Comup right now to discuss with you the key points you'll need to make the most of your investment.

To gain access, simply click on the "contact** the dealer" button and I will personally get back to you.

~If you have big projects and you don't know which service provider to entrust them to, then you've come to the right place because I am fully convinced that I am capable of taking your business to a higher level than you might think.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

How to place an order?

To place an order, just click on the option that interests you and that best meets your expectations. If possible, you should provide me with additional information so that the collaboration is effective.

What do I have to provide in order for you to start working?

You should provide me with all the important information about your store and the products you sell. I will also need the link (Url) to the store so that I can see your project. You should then provide me with access to your Facebook Business Manager account as well as the visuals of your campaign (images or videos) so that I can start the campaign.

Do I get any other fees besides the service fee?

You should provide the advertising budget (what you should invest in advertising) so that I can launch the campaign. The service fee is not related to the advertising budget.

What is the budget for my advertising campaign?

Depending on the age of your advertising account, I recommend a budget between 20€ and 50€ per day in order to test the different targeting without spending too much.
Once the campaign is optimized, we will be able to gradually scale up.

Should I have a Facebook page?

Yes, you should have your own Facebook page because it will be necessary for the creation and launch of the advertising campaign.

Will I necessarily be profitable with Facebook Ads?

I can't guarantee you profitability or even if you will make any sales. If you don't have a high enough ROAS (return on investment), you should simply explore other strategies and do Remarketinq. However, you should know that I will put my technical skills in place to offer you the best Facebook advertising.

After all, it's all about your store. You could have the best publicity in the world but if in parallel your store doesn't bring out a brand image, you won't even make 1€, obviously taking into account the winning character of your product (that's why I created a complementary service where I accompany you step by step for the creation of your brand shop). Thus, you should go through a testing phase to know if your project is viable or not.

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