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It's time to have an SEO-optimized Shopify store that generates organic sales for you.

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🎯 Are you into E-commerce or Dropshipping?

🎯 Are you looking for a professional to handle the creation of your store?

🎯 Do you want to create an SEO-optimized website?

🎯 Do you want to sell online but have a limited budget?

🎯 Do you want to improve the conversion rate of your store through search engine ranking?

If you find yourself in any of these situations, know that you are not alone. Many people are looking for a professional to establish an online presence and optimize their store's ranking on Google. Guess what? You're in the right place.

Quick Reminders

Why should you create an SEO-optimized Shopify store?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to a set of techniques that improve your store's ranking and bring quality traffic from search engines. Optimizing your store allows you to enhance your statistics and gradually increase your online presence each month.

In reality, there are numerous reasons why you need an SEO-optimized E-commerce site.

Here are some of them:

☑️ Improve your Return on Investment (ROI): An unoptimized online store requires you to incur certain expenses associated with a physical store. With organic SEO, you save on paid advertisements, reducing your costs. This marketing strategy allows you to enhance your visibility for free and direct quality visitors to your store. You will see an approximately 30% improvement in your conversion rate.

☑️ Enhance your visibility: By improving the SEO of your E-commerce site, you ensure that it appears in search results when internet users search for keywords related to your business. Implementing SEO gradually increases the number of visits to your E-commerce site.

☑️ Acquire quality traffic: Targeting the right keywords and creating high-quality content helps attract genuinely interested individuals who are more likely to become your customers. This positioning establishes you as an expert in front of your audience, which directly impacts your sales.

☑️ Improve user experience: Creating high-quality content and optimizing your E-commerce site for search engines enhances the user experience for your visitors. You reduce bounce rates and encourage them to stay longer on your site, ultimately improving your conversion rate.

☑️ Long-term benefits: An SEO-optimized site is perfectly suited for your business and ensures that you remain among the top search results on Google. This contributes to building your long-term reputation.

In 2023, creating an SEO-optimized store is crucial as it directly affects your revenue and online reputation. It is also an excellent way to diversify your traffic acquisition sources and ensure the sustainability of your business.

I give you an example!

Let's suppose you are the owner of a small business in your locality. You decide to create an e-commerce website to have an online presence. Since you have no knowledge of HTML or CSS, you have chosen Shopify to create and manage your online activity. You decide to create a professional e-commerce website optimized for SEO to acquire organic traffic. To save time, you have delegated the creation of your SEO-optimized Shopify store to a web developer who also has knowledge of web writing.
Thanks to your SEO-optimized e-commerce website, you have successfully managed to handle and grow your online visibility. This has significantly increased your revenue without any investment in paid advertisements.

In summary, with an SEO-optimized e-commerce or dropshipping website, you will be able to achieve online visibility, improve your search engine ranking, generate qualified traffic, and convert your visitors into customers. In other words, you will be able to enhance the performance of your business. It's important to note that this performance is achieved through organic traffic.

Why choose me?

My name is NewGate, and I am at your service. As a web developer, I support entrepreneurs, e-commerce businesses, dropshippers, and anyone with an online presence who wants to optimize their search engine ranking. My services for creating e-commerce or dropshipping websites include creating a professional store, keyword research, SEO optimization for your store, and creating optimized content. In addition to my excellent command of the Shopify editor, I have knowledge of CSS and HTML programming, which sets me apart from the competition.

My guarantees:

Complete support:
I listen to your needs to meet your expectations and ambitions. I am flexible and responsive to your correction requests. I will provide advice without hesitation on what would be beneficial for your business.

Deadline commitment:
I commit to respecting the deadline to complete your service. With me, every client is a priority whom I must satisfy.

Quality work:
I guarantee you a professional and customized store based on your needs. My experience and creativity are my greatest assets to help you achieve your goals.

So why should you choose me for your SEO-optimized e-commerce or dropshipping website needs? Simply because I am a competent and experienced professional who devotes time to providing quality work within the best timeframe.

Here's what I propose for the basic €5 offer:

For only €5, I will:

  • Create your Shopify account
  • Install a free theme optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) and suitable for your product or niche.
To go further,

I recommend one of the following packages:

Bronze Pack: €50 instead of €150
Installation and optimization of a free theme suitable for your niche (if you have a premium theme, you can provide it)
Responsive e-commerce or dropshipping website (compatible with all screen sizes)
General settings
Integration of your logo
Integration of your favicon
Graphic design for your Shopify store (images, GIFs)
Integration of your product descriptions
Integration of your products (up to 5 products)
SEO optimization of the homepage and product page
SEO optimization of your product (title, meta description)
Automation of your store (order processing)
Choice of color palette and typography
Integration of the main menu
Integration of the footer menu
Creation of pages (product, contact, order tracking, FAQ)
Integration of trust badges
Installation of Search Console
5 revisions
Silver Pack: €150 instead of €300
Includes all the options from the Bronze Pack
Integration of 5 additional products
Integration of trust elements
Enhanced copywriting optimized for SEO for your product listings (up to 400 words)
Integration of around ten customer reviews on your sales page (increases social proof)
Implementation of 5 applications of your choice
Creation of policy pages: Refund, Privacy, Shipping, Terms and Conditions
10 revisions
Free 30-minute consultation call on Comeup (Advice, goals)
Gold Pack: €350 instead of €700
Includes all the options from the Silver Pack
Integration of 10 additional products
Creation and integration of a Blog section
Internal linking within the site
Setup and configuration of necessary applications (urgency, reviews, email marketing, etc.)
Unlimited revisions
Free 1-hour and 30-minute consultation call on Comeup (Advice, goals)
**Bonus **: Configuration of your follow-up emails (3 emails)
Additional Options:
Adding 5 additional products to your store
Adding 10 additional products to your store
Setup and configuration of necessary applications (urgency, reviews, email marketing, etc.)
Creation and integration of a Blog section


🔍 How does the ordering process work?
After placing your order, you will immediately receive a message asking for some information to create your store.

🔍 What do I need to set up to start selling?
You will just need to add your payment methods to start processing sales on your e-commerce store.

🔍 What do you need to design the store?
If you already have a Shopify account, simply provide me with access. If not, send me your email so that I can transfer the store to you once it's completed.

🔍 Is it possible to have the store translated into another language?
Yes, I can add an application for automatic translation into multiple languages.

🔍 Do you offer assistance after the order is completed?
Certainly! Feel free to contact me for any further clarification or assistance.

🔍 Can you help me choose a niche?
Absolutely! Once your order is placed, I will propose 3 profitable products for you.

🔍 Can you help me choose a product?
Of course! Once your order is placed, I will propose 3 profitable products for you.

🔍 How many revisions can I get?
The number of revisions depends on the chosen package.

Do you have any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact me. I'm available 24/7 to address all your concerns. It would be a pleasure to work with you.


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