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Have you finished your book? If so, congratulations! 👏
Are you trying to refine and improve your product page?

Have you thought about creating or improving your author page with Amazon KDP's Author Central?
What is an author page? How do you create an author page? How do you do it?

Perhaps these are the questions you are asking yourself?

And you don't want to waste time or are not very skilled with these new digital tools?

We are here to help!

On the Amazon Author Platform, you can create your Author Page, and from this space, you can share the most relevant information about yourself, as well as information about your latest works, with millions of readers. This allows readers to easily find your books from one location.

From the Amazon Author Platform, you can:

  • Add your books to your Author Page
  • Add your biography in different languages. Your biography appears on your Author Page and on Amazon sites, allowing readers to become familiar with your background and your works. If you have translated your biography into other languages, you can add these translations for readers whose native language is not the same as your primary page language. We recommend keeping your biographies to less than 1,000 characters. Updates to your biography will appear on Amazon within 1-2 days.
  • Add photos and videos
  • View Amazon's bestseller rankings
  • Display customer reviews
  • Add reviews to your books (feature only available in the United States)
  • Share your blog feeds (feature only available in the United States)
  • Check sales information published by BookScan (feature only available in the United States)

Follow the author

The Follow button is available on your Amazon Author Page or on the book product page. It allows your readers to add you to their list of favorite authors, and in addition to viewing the information you provide about yourself, they will be informed of the release of your next books as soon as they become available.

If your book is eligible, and if the readers who follow you authorize the marketing emails sent by Amazon and have not yet ordered your new book, they will be notified of its release or availability for pre-order on our website. Readers who follow you are also more likely to see your new releases when browsing Amazon sites.

To make your book eligible for the Follow the Author program, you must add your book to your account on the Author Platform.

The number of readers who follow you has no impact on your ranking in Amazon's bestseller list on our website.

The service for 10 euros

✅ Access to your existing Amazon KDP account | you must have your login credentials
✅ Activation of your BLANK author page for Amazon.fr
✅ Communication of Amazon Author account credentials
✅ Communication of the procedure to follow to enrich your Author Page
With this service, you will be able to complete your author page yourself.

The service does not include

❌ Publishing your book on Amazon KDP. In fact, you must have at least 1 book published on Amazon KDP to subscribe to this service (Kindle Ebook, hardcover, or paperback)

We advise you to go further and entrust us with the entire management of your author page. You save time, and we will take care of everything from A to Z. To do so, choose the options below:

SERVICES Start at 10 EURO Silver Gold
Activation of your blank Amazon.fr author page ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Addition of photos and/or videos provided by you ✔️ ✔️
Addition of your French biography provided by you ✔️ ✔️
Addition of your French biography designed by our team ✔️
Add your other books to your author page (limit of 5 books) ✔️
Activation of your Amazon.com author page ✔️


If you write under both your author name and pen name, it will be useful for you to "distinguish 2 Author pages, isn't it? In this case, you are invited to subscribe to the "Create an author page under "pen name" option.
You can manage up to;

  • 1 author name + 2 pen names
  • 3 pen names

We are the only ones to offer this on comeup.com
Interesting, isn't it?
➤ All clients on this service are satisfied to this day, let's hope it lasts
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