I will link your book to your Amazon KDP author page

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I will link your book to your author page on Amazon KDP starting at 10 euros.

Your book is not linked to your author page? 😮

Help readers find your works more easily. Books registered in your Library are listed on your Amazon Author page, new release notices are sent to your subscribers, and more! Is a book missing? 😒

When you click on your author name, are you not redirected to your Amazon Author page? If yes, then there is a problem, and it may come from several causes;

1 - You have written your author name differently from the name on your Amazon Author page
2 - The author name indicated in your Amazon KDP interface is different from your other works (space, capitalization, other)
3 - Your book is simply not yet attached to your author page and I will request its attachment...

We will help you!

The service for 10 euros for 1 book

✅ Access to your existing Amazon KDP account | you must have your credentials (email + password)
✅ Communication of Amazon Author account credentials
✅ Access to your Amazon Author central account
✅ Analysis of the problem
✅ If the problem is due to a non-attachment to your Author page, we will solve it.
✅ If the detected problem comes from another cause, we will explain the problem and propose other solutions.
❌ We do not solve exploitation rights and/or conflicts related to author rights
❌ We do not contact your publishing house to obtain rights

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I have all the precise data, I will ADVISE YOU AND ABOVE ALL GUIDE YOU THROUGHOUT THE execution of the service.
✅ You will never be alone, since I am here to accompany you from A to Z throughout the process. I promise.

If you have any questions, contact me directly!

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