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Create your professional WordPress website to be visible online and grow your business

Are you frustrated with not being visible on search engines despite your online marketing efforts?

Do you feel overwhelmed by managing your online content across multiple platforms?

Do you need a professional website to enhance your brand and attract new customers?

A WordPress website is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily create and manage websites. With WordPress, you can create different types of websites such as showcase websites, e-commerce sites, blogs, and one-page sites. WordPress is used by over 40% of websites worldwide due to its user-friendliness and customizable features.

Now, let's go through the different types of WordPress websites:

One-Page Site: A one-page site is a website that presents all the content on a single page. It's perfect for businesses that want to showcase a simple offer or a specific product.

E-commerce Site: An e-commerce site is a website that enables selling products or services online. It features a secure payment system and order management functionalities.

~Showcase Site: ~A showcase site is a website that presents your company and services. It's used to communicate with your clients and prospects.

Blog Site: A blog site is a website that allows regular content publication. It's ideal for businesses that want to share news, tips, or advice with their audience.

Now, let's highlight the benefits of owning a website to grow your business:

Online Visibility: Owning a professional website helps you be visible on search engines and attract new customers.

Improved User Experience: A well-designed website enhances the user experience of your clients and prospects, which can increase conversion chances.

Brand Development: Owning a professional website helps you develop your brand and strengthen your online presence.

Time Saving: A website helps you save time by automating certain tasks such as order management.

Increased Sales: Owning an e-commerce website enables you to increase sales and reach a broader audience.

Now, let's explain how we will create your website:

For the creation of a WordPress website, we start by discussing your web project and budget. We then establish a visual identity and select customizable templates for your website. We work on search engine optimization (SEO) to optimize the visibility of your website on search engines. We also take care of web hosting and content management to ensure your website is well-managed and maintained.

I'm Quint, a passionate web designer with several years of experience in creating WordPress websites. My goal is to create professional and visually appealing websites that reflect your company's image and attract potential customers."


For €5
Installation of your hosting on Wordpress
Installation of a free responsive theme
Additional options


Assistance in choosing your hosting provider
Installation of a free responsive theme
Creation of four pages for your site
Integration of your logo
Design and color scheme based on your brand identity
Up to four sections per page
Integration of 5 royalty-free images
A professional menu and footer
Up to 3 revisions

Note: The text content for the pages will be provided by you.


Divi installation
Landing Page
Creation of up to 5 pages for your site
Integration of your logo
Integration of 30-minute videos
Design and color scheme based on your brand identity
Up to five sections per page
Optimization with Yoast SEO for 5 pages
Integration of unlimited royalty-free images
A professional menu and footer
Up to 4 revisions

Note: The lifetime license for potential Divi updates is your responsibility.


Includes everything from the STANDARD PACKAGE
3 additional pages of your choice
Integration of a booking module
Content writing for all your pages
Integration of a website translation plugin (French-English)
Up to 5 revisions

## SEO OPTIMIZATION: Organic search engine optimization

Installation and configuration of the Yoast SEO plugin
Keyword research and implementation
URL optimization
H1, H2 title optimizations
Improvement of site speed


Q: What do you need for the WordPress website development?

A: We need to discuss your web project, budget, and objectives for creating your WordPress site. We also require content such as images and texts to populate your web pages.

Q: How do you guarantee the quality of your work?

A: We guarantee the quality of our work by following best practices in web design, search engine optimization, and user experience. We also provide technical support for all our clients.

Q: Who is this service for?

A: This service is for businesses of all sizes looking to create a professional website to establish an online presence and grow their business.

Q: Is it possible to make revisions?

A: Yes, it is possible to make revisions to ensure that your website reflects your brand image and meets your online marketing goals.

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