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Remove malware and fix hacked websites

WordPress is prone to hacking attempts for several reasons. Due to its popularity and wide range of plugins and themes, hackers strive to exploit vulnerabilities and hack websites, including yours.

Hacking often manifests through defacing your website, japanese keyword hack or third-party sites redirections. However, a website could also be infected by a "sleeping" malware and appears to be perfectly normal.

Has your website been hacked or infected by a malware ? You must act quickly to fix the damage, protect your website reputation, and prevent it from being blacklisted by Google. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a complete cleanup of your WordPress files and database.

⚠️ Most common WordPress hacking methods

Malware : Malicious software seeking to damage a website or steal its data.

Phishing : A scam method to obtain personal data from your customers.

Unwanted Ads : Displaying ads on your site without your consent.

Redirection : Your visitors are sent to a third party website, often malicious.

⚠️What are the security risks of a hacked WordPress site ?

Hackers may collect sensitive data from your customers, confidential information about your website or simply try to make money. If your site is currently infected by a malware or redirecting to a phishing third-party sites, then be prepared for the consequences !

SEO & ranking drop : A drop in your organic traffic because Google will likely penalize you if your WordPress site ends up on their blocklist. Google could even display a warning message "This site may be hacked" next to your site in search results.

Revenue loss : Hacking could harm your image and your customers will lose trust in your site and brand.

Personal data violation : Hacking could result in data loss and customers confidential data violation.

Website suspended : Your host may temporarily suspend your infected website.

⭐ Cleaning your hacked WordPress site

For the basic service, I will take care of cleaning your site (with a maximum of 20 plugins) by performing the following tasks: :

  • Scan your WordPress site files to detect vulnerabilities and malware.
  • Malware removal.
  • Complete cleanup of your website (files & database).

For WordPress sites with more than 20 plugins, please choose the matching option :

✔️ Cleaning a WordPress site with 20 to 30 plugins +95€
✔️ Cleaning a WordPress site with 31 to 45 plugins +125€
✔️ Cleaning a WordPress site with 46 to 60 plugins +155€

🏆 To Secure Your WordPress Site

➡️ Do you want to protect your WordPress site against future attacks ?
➡️ Is your website already blacklisted by Google, and your customers don't trust it anymore ?

I offer reliable solutions to avoid problems and optimize the security of your website :

✔️ Security plugin installation & configuration +60€
✔️ Google’s blocklist removal +75€
✔️ Website backup before and after cleaning +30€

👑 The TOP WordPress Security

To go beyond a security plugin, I offer to set up the ultimate WordPress security practices.

These advanced security rules, often difficult and technical to apply, will be set up on your website to strengthen the security of your WordPress site and protect it from hacking attempts.

🛡️ WordPress ultimate security
✔️ Security plugin installation & configuration
✔️ Enable HTTPS
✔️ Update PHP
✔️ WordPress administration protection
✔️ Change of database prefix
✔️ WordPress security keys update
✔️ WordPress version masking
✔️ Files permissions verification
✔️ HTTP security headers
✔️ HSTS header
✔️ etc.
PRICE : +235€

❓ Got any question ?

Feel free to contact me and ask any questions you may have. I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible :)

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