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Two secrets of SEO:

  • Search engines love and crave content, so if you can publish articles every day, your blog or website will appear more often on the first page of the SERP. This means more visits and more sales for your products and services.

  • Long articles of over 2000 words are much more highly rated than shorter articles. By publishing quality articles of over 2000 words, you are sending a signal to search engines that you are an expert in your field.

Are you looking for a writing service to add quality content to your blog or website?

Cryptocurrencies, memecoins and Bitcoin news

The cryptocurrency and NFT industry is booming and more and more people are getting interested in this 21st century gold rush.

The one thing they all have in common is that they crave information and want it to be well written, well researched and full of facts.

They are already confused and if you can tell them the truth, you will become a valuable resource of information in a rapidly changing world with ever-changing fortunes.

Will Bitcoin reach $1,000,000? Will it still be king?

Will this new PePeCoin be the future Shiba Inu? Or is it just bogus with developers just waiting for the right time to rug-pull?

The names are changing and the industry is evolving: information is at the heart of this revolution and my engaging writing delivers the information your readers want in a style that is bold, relevant and ready to take your site to the moon and beyond!

Stand out from your rude competitors with a writing style that shines.

Blockchain: price analysis, prediction, and news

As an active trader, I have a good understanding of currency movements and topics related to trading. I have been trading since 2013 and run a copy trading service since 2016. I am also a Darwinex provider.

Keep your readers up to date on what's moving the crypto market.

I cover:

  • Broker and exchange reviews
  • Daily or weekly technical analysis
  • Weekly fundamental analysis
  • Scalping strategy
  • Day trading strategy
  • Swing Trading Strategy

I can also create Crypto courses for beginners. Offering a free course is the best way to capture your visitors' emails.

For 5 euros, I will write a 200-word blog post (or page) for you.

You will receive:

✅ an original article

✅ well documented

✅ SEO optimized

**You have an unlimited number of revisions, so feel free to place your order now!

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