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Ensure the Security of Your WordPress Website with Hassle-free Updates

  • Do you find yourself hesitant to handle the updates of your WordPress website? Worried about potential issues or the risk of breaking something crucial?
  • Perhaps you're simply too busy to spare the time required for meticulous verification and maintenance.

Introducing a solution: Professional WordPress Update Services

By entrusting the responsibility of updating your WordPress website, theme, and extensions to my expert team, you can reclaim your peace of mind and focus on what truly matters - crafting engaging content, promoting your brand, and tending to your core activities.

With my diligent attention, your website will enjoy regular updates, remain free of bugs, and load swiftly. Embrace the confidence of a secure and optimized website, while effortlessly attracting more visitors to your digital presence.

✦ WordPress Update Service ➡️ 5 €

  • Keep your WordPress website up to date and running smoothly.
  • I will update your WordPress core files to the latest version, ensuring a bug-free and secure website.
  • Please note that this service focuses on resolving bugs that occur after an update and does not cover pre-existing issues.

✦✦ Explore my WordPress Update Options:

1A. Theme Update ➡️ 10 €

  • Get your theme updated to the latest version. Please note that if you don't have a child theme in place, I won't be able to update your existing WordPress theme to avoid overwriting any customizations you or a previous service provider have made.
  • I exclusively update free themes or premium themes with a valid license (activation key). You need to provide a valid license for your Premium themes so I can update them. If an activation key is not provided, I can not proceed with updates.
  • After the theme update, I meticulously verify its performance, ensuring there are no bugs or issues arising from the update.
    This verification process is designed to fix bugs that appear after an update and does not cover existing issues.

1B. Child Theme Installation ➡️ 20 €

  • If your current theme lacks a child theme, updating it poses a risk of overwriting any modifications made to the theme.
  • With this option, I will create and set up a child theme for your current theme, ensuring a secure environment for modifications and updates.

2. Plugins Update ➡️ 10 €

  • Keep your plugins up to date for enhanced functionality and security.
  • I exclusively update free plugins or premium plugins with a valid license (activation key). You need to provide a valid license for your Premium plugins so I can update them. If an activation key is not provided, I can not proceed with updates.
  • Following the plugin update, I conduct a comprehensive check to ensure seamless integration and eliminate any bugs or issues.
    This verification process is focused on fixing bugs that arise after an update and does not cover pre-existing issues.

3. Update Your WordPress PHP Version ➡️ 35 €

  • Upgrade your WordPress site to the latest PHP version (7.3 or higher) for improved performance and security.
  • Before proceeding with the update, I perform compatibility tests on your site, including the theme and plugins, to ensure a smooth transition to the new PHP version.
  • To complete the PHP version update, I require your hosting credentials. Rest assured, your information will be handled securely.

4. Implementation of a Site Backup Plugin ➡️ 20 €

  • Safeguard your website's data and protect against potential mishaps during updates.
  • Before initiating any updates, I create a comprehensive backup of your entire site, including pages, posts, and theme settings.
  • If you don't have a backup plugin in place, I offer the installation and configuration services for a reliable database backup plugin.
  • I can set up automatic email delivery of the backups to your designated address on a weekly basis, providing peace of mind.

Ensure the smooth operation of your WordPress website with my affordable and reliable update services.

✦✦✦ WHO AM I? ✦✦✦

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From domain name selection to website maintenance, redesign, and SEO 🎯, I offer comprehensive services that cater to all your needs.

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