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🛠 Merchant or Artisan, why create your own website? 🌐

A website is an extraordinary communication tool! It allows you to reach a wide audience, locally or globally !

🏆 The Benefits of having your own Website as an Artisan or Merchant:

✔️ Convey a positive image of your company or business
✔️ Make yourself known locally (city, canton, region)
✔️ Increase visibility
✔️ Showcase your company
✔️ Present your services and products
✔️ Allow prospective clients to contact you directly
✔️ Enable prospective clients to request an online quote

Whether you're an artisan or a merchant, your future website should reflect your business's image !

Creating a professional website requires exceptional expertise !

👉 Your Merchant or Artisan website will be ready to use and optimized for SEO ! Your Google Business listing is included in both offers !

Ready to elevate your business with a professional website? Let's build it today ! 🚀

🎯 To Start Your Website Project on the Right Track

Pack 1 : Basic Website Creation Service

Choose Pack 1 for a basic, yet professional, web presence.

1️⃣ Home
2️⃣ Presentation of your activities/services
3️⃣ 1 page of your choice (to showcase your articles, works, projects, photos...)
4️⃣ Contact/Address (with a contact form)
5️⃣ Privacy Policy (Template to fill in)
💰 BASIC PACK 1 Artisan Website- € 575


1️⃣ Home
2️⃣ Presentation of your activities/business
3️⃣ 1 page of your choice (to showcase your articles, creations, works, projects, photos...)
4️⃣ Contact/Address (with a contact form)
5️⃣ Privacy Policy (Template to fill in)
💰 BASIC PACK 1 Merchant Website - € 575

🎯 Pack 2 : Enhanced Website Creation Service

Upgrade to Pack 2 for a more comprehensive website with additional pages and features tailored to your needs!

1️⃣ Home
2️⃣ Presentation of your activities
3️⃣ 1 page of your choice (services, image gallery, works, projects...)
4️⃣ 1 page of your choice (services, image gallery, works, projects...)
5️⃣ Special page for quotes with a personalized quote form
6️⃣ Contact/Address (with a contact form + location map)
7️⃣ About
8️⃣ Privacy Policy (Template to fill in)
💰 PACK 2 Artisan/Merchant Website - € 825

Whether you choose Pack 1 or Pack 2, here's what's included

⭐ ** INCLUDED - IN PACK 1 AND PACK 2 !** ⭐

✅ 100% SEO Optimization (Titles + Meta descriptions on all pages, Image Alt Attributes)
✅ 100% Responsive Theme, compatible with Mobile and Tablet
✅ Your Google Business listing
✅ 10 Royalty-Free Images for your website in your theme

You need to provide me with the text to be integrated ! ;-)

✒️ Add-Ons SEO Content Writing

Don't have any text for your website? Take advantage of our writing options to order a custom SEO text that will be integrated into the main pages of your site!

✒️SEO Content Writing Add-Ons Price
SEO Content Writing (2000 words) + € 125
SEO Content Writing (4000 words) + € 215
SEO Content Writing (8000 words) + € 390

📩 Add-Ons Newsletters, Email or Appointment

Module Price
Adding an Online Quote Form Module + € 75
Adding a Newsletters Module + € 75
Adding an Opt-in Module (Email Capture) + € 75
Adding an Online Appointment or Booking Module + € 145

🎯 WooCommerce Add-Ons

WooCommerce Add-Ons Price
Adding an Online Payment Module (Paypal, Stripe...) + € 215
Client Reserved Access (Account, Quotes, Invoicing) + € 185
E-commerce module (integration of 10 products) + € 180
E-commerce module (integration of 20 products) + € 385
E-commerce module (integration of 50 products) + € 500

📜 Additional Page Add-Ons

Additional Page Add-Ons Price
Adding 5 additional pages (photos, text, videos integration) + € 400
Adding 10 additional pages (photos, text, videos integration) + € 750

👉 Direct ComeUp Call

📞 Option: Direct ComeUp Call on the platform - + € 25 (30 minutes)
For the realization of your website project, we can now exchange through the Direct Call option.
Sometimes it is very difficult to understand each other correctly through written messages on the ComeUp platform, especially for important projects !
Do you have a web project and want to talk to me live? Share your screen? Don't hesitate to order this service for a direct exchange by appointment lasting 30 minutes !


⚡What Content Management System (CMS) do you use?

I primarily use WordPress for most of my projects due to its versatility and user-friendly interface. However, I am also familiar with other CMSs like Joomla and Drupal. If you have a specific CMS in mind, please let me know, and I'll do my best to accommodate your preference.

⚡Are hosting and domain included in your website creation service?

No, the costs for hosting and domain registration are not included in my service. I believe in giving my clients the freedom to choose their hosting provider and domain registrar to best suit their specific needs and budget. If you need advice or guidance in these areas, I'm more than happy to help.

⚡Can you work with any theme?

Yes, I can work with a wide variety of themes. I am experienced with popular WordPress themes like Elementor Pro and Divi, but if you prefer a different theme, I am flexible and can accommodate your choice. Elementor Pro is currently the most flexible and scalable theme!

⚡What if I don't have a theme in mind?

That's perfectly okay! I can recommend themes based on your website needs and design preferences. I will ensure the theme chosen is responsive, user-friendly, and aligns with your brand identity.

⚡Do I need to arrange for website hosting and domain registration before starting the project?

Yes, it is preferable to have your domain and hosting ready before we start building your website. This way, I can easily access your hosting platform and set everything up more efficiently. If you need guidance on how to do this, I am here to help.

⚡What kind of support do you offer once the website is completed?

I provide post-completion support to ensure your website runs smoothly. This includes resolving any potential issues related to the CMS, hosting, or theme. Please reach out to me with your specific needs, and we can discuss the extent of support required.

Please let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.

⫸▶▶ SEO Optimization for your WordPress or Shopify website Here

Contact me before placing your order so I can simply send you an online questionnaire for your website creation project.

Ready to elevate your business with a professional website 100% Full SEO ?

Contact me today ! Caramande

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