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🕐 0.05 millisecond, this number has a close relationship with your logo...

In fact, 0.05 millisecond is the time it takes for a potential customer to judge your brand.

With such a short period of time, you can imagine that this is done subconsciously.

So, subconsciously, your prospect arrives on your site, and without even having time to blink, he already has a strong opinion about your brand.

One of the first things your customer sees is your logo!

And if you're here, you've got a hunch that your logo isn't just a small detail.

You're right... it all starts with your logo.

By the way, there's a reason why a logo can triple the price of a simple white t-shirt.

So, in 2023:

🚫 Making your logo on Canva is no longer possible...

You need to have a unique logo.

When a client sees your logo, they instinctively get an idea about your business/site/brand.

But that's not all... You also need to have your logo in formats suitable for social networks or your favicon.

It is once again a question of reflecting a professional image, pixel-perfect, no matter the platform.

That's why it's essential to use a professional graphic designer.

And this is where I come in.

🚀 For several years, I have been helping brands develop their visual identity.

After training myself in a self-taught way, I have accompanied many clients.
I know what works and what doesn't...

Today, I decided to launch a new service on ComeUp for logo creation.

Right now, for only 35 euros, I can offer you a professional logo that far surpasses any "rush" logo design.

Here are the offers that I propose to you ⤵️

Proposals 1 2 3
Retouches 3 5 unlimited
Vector source files
Mockups 2 4
Logo from a sketch
Simplified graphic chart
Price 35€ 70€ 130€
Additional options +
🔹 Source files ( .ai or .eps ) 20€
🔹 1 Mockup ( simulation of the logo on a support ) 10€
🔹 3 Mockups ( simulation of the logo on a support ) 20€
🔹 Unlimited retouching 30€
🔹 1 Additional proposal 30€
🔹 Simplified graphic chart 30€

🎲 Now you have 3 choices:

Choice #1: You choose to design your logo yourself, without experience, using a free software. You are sure to get an unprofessional result, which may trigger an alert in the minds of your site visitors... And you expose yourself to a significant loss of earnings.

Choice n°2 : You have understood the importance of having a professional logo, but you decide to choose another provider to realize your logo. You will probably get a satisfactory result, but you will miss my temporary and very advantageous offer!

Choice n°3 : You choose to entrust me the creation of your logo. You get a complete package, with everything you need and a high quality logo made by a professional, for a reduced price. You can move on with your project with a custom logo in your hands.

Now the ball is in your court!

❓ FAQs | Frequently asked questions

Questions Answers
💬 Why should I choose you to design my logo? By choosing me, you ensure that you receive a professional logo that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional without spending a fortune, and that will help you establish your company's brand.
💬 What if I have a problem after the order has been confirmed? I remain, of course, at your entire disposal. This is normal, you have taken one of my services, so you are now a customer of mine. If you have any problems, just send me a message. And this, during and well after the order.
💬 What if I don't like the logo you designed? You have 3 retouches included in the basic package to modify your logo as you wish. And if ever these 3 retouches were not enough, you always have the possibility to take the unlimited retouching option to get a result that could satisfy you.

*If you have any questions, or if you have a specific request. Or simply if you think your needs are specific, just send me a private message via the "contact" button. I will answer you as soon as possible.

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