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🚀2023: The Year to Take the Leap on TikTok🚀

3 billion people have downloaded the TikTok app in the past three years.

You're part of it, we know. So are we.

⭐Why Incorporate TikTok Into Your Communication and Sales Channel Strategy?⭐

The app is globally highly popular.

Lockdown brought people from around the world together in one place: on TikTok!

Surpassing 3 billion downloads in 3 years speaks volumes about its meteoric rise: this is the first time an application, outside of the Facebook ecosystem (WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger), has achieved this feat since January 2014!

✔️A New Era in Video Content Creation

The app offers a variety of content that redefines the codes of the video format itself. TikTok allows its users to express themselves in a previously uncharted way.

This phenomenon is at the root of the trend of video consumption worldwide among committed and passionate internet users.

This diversity of video production allows brands to offer differentiated content while adapting their strategy according to their DNA.

✔️Benefit from a Unique Engagement Rate

TikTok's algorithm is FEARSOME: unlike Facebook or Instagram, the app doesn't suggest content to users but selects it for them based on their preferences.

Whether through an idea, a filter, a challenge, or a hashtag, brands can convert users into ambassadors thanks to the power of the experience provided by the app.

Unlike other social networks that primarily allow sharing, TikTok users are in a process of more creative interactions with others... and with brands!

✔️An Ultra-Engaged Audience and Sales Opportunities

The audience on TikTok is extremely loyal to the app: 90% of users open the social network at least once a day according to Alioze. TikTok users also tend to stay on the platform: on average, they connect for 48 minutes worldwide and for more than an hour per day in France.

TikTok also presents a prime opportunity for all creators and brands: its algorithm is more open than those of other social networks.

Your TikToks should be original, inspired by the trends of the platform and feature viral music from the music library.

✔️Original Content to Showcase Your Business

Unlike other social networks, TikTok does not allow for a multitude of different formats. Everything is based on video: you can post reels with a maximum duration of 3 minutes.

OUR creativity will be an excellent way to promote YOUR business on TikTok!


TIKTOPIA is a TIKTOK agency specialized in creating content for businesses and individuals. With years of experience in the field, we offer a high-quality service at affordable prices.

We work with you at every step of the process, ensuring that your expectations are exceeded and giving personal attention to each project we undertake.

We are bringing our services to this platform today to expand our scope of action and provide you with the services you need.

🗝️The Key on TikTok: Consistency🗝️

These community management packages are designed to establish your online presence, grow your audience, and achieve real and measurable results on TikTok.

Through a combination of high-quality content, consistent engagement, and a strong growth strategy, we will build a targeted audience around your brand.

✨What we offer for your business✨

🎯Strategic Direction

Strategic direction is at the core of an effective TikTok presence for brands and businesses. Our management process begins here. We start by dissecting your goals and developing a strategic action plan.

📲Content Production

Our team handles TikTok content production based on the plan you've chosen. You'll find a summary of what's included in the various TikTok packs in the section below.

📋Management and Reports

We focus on executing and managing daily tasks that have a real impact on your goals. From ideation sessions to content development to report creation, our work aligns your brand's presence on TikTok with its true north star.

⬇️What's included in our TikTok reels⬇️
Add transitions✅
Add visual effects✅
Add subtitles✅
Research + add copyright-free images✅
Add music✅
Color grading + correction✅
Sound effects✅

💭Don't hesitate to contact us if you want examples, or if you have specific requests

Creation and setup of your TikTok account (if not yet created)
Number of videos per month (1 minute maximum / mp4 format) 5 10 30
Number of descriptions per month 5 10 30
Research on your target market to achieve the best possible results
Following TikTok TRENDS for rapid growth
Content idea generation
📞1 call per week to analyze the growth of your TikTok account (1h on ComeUp)
Advice and support based on your niche
Timing of publication optimization
Management of comments on your TikTok account (limit 50/day)
We post the reels on your TikTok account (after your approval)
Strategies to niche your account
In-depth keyword research for your industry
PRICE for 1 month €250 €450 €1000

🥇Our prices reflect what we offer our clients - a reliable and superior experience in all respects!🥇

We only offer 1-month packs, as the growth of a TikTok account does NOT happen in 1 week. It would be a lie to make you believe that your TikTok community can grow in such a short time.

🎯What we seek are results and achieved goals🎯

And now? YOUR MOVE!

Now you have two options:

🔴 EITHER you continue to implement a hit-or-miss growth strategy that doesn't bear fruit. Continuously improvising, choosing this or that technique by chance.

Or you feel overwhelmed. Always in firefighting mode (you know, when you constantly have to manage emergencies). Spending your energy on the operational aspect of your business, not being able to focus on what you truly love in your job...

🟢 OR, the idea of entrusting your online presence to professional community managers is starting to appeal to you.

And in this case, it's probably time to take the leap to:

  • ⏳ Save precious time daily.
  • 📈 Give your TikTok reels much more impact.
  • 💸 Massively increase your sales.
  • 🏝 And comfortably live off your business.

Hiring a pro is no longer an option if you have an ambitious business.

We will produce relevant content, speak directly to your target audience, and develop your company's reputation.

🕹️Isn't it high time to hand the controls over to a professional?

You now hold all the cards: the ball is in your court!

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