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Are you really selling your product to potential buyers, or are you just listing the same old features as the rest?

It's time to nail down potential buyers!

Whether you have a commercial website or just want to improve your sales on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, or any other online store, this gig delivers just that.

My Descriptions:

-Use innovative copywriting techniques that intrigue and entice shoppers (never spammy hype that turns them off)
-Go beyond basic keyword research to include additional terms that can drive traffic to your listing that your competitors won't get

Each of my Descriptions Includes:

1. Unique copy is exclusively written for every single product
2. Professional Voice and tone that reflects your brand
3 Copy that not just describes the functions, but also highlights the benefits
4. Compelling copy that fuels the need to buy the product
5. Clear call to action
6. Unique Competitive advantage
7. On-time delivery in any format you need (.doc, .pdf, spreadsheet)

3-5 Product Descriptions: (60-90 words each, 1 focus SEO keyword per product) for 20Є (basic package)

6-10 Product Descriptions: (80-100 words each, 2 focus SEO keywords per product) for 40Є

11-15 Product Descriptions: (100-125 words each, 3 focus SEO keywords per product) for 70Є

I can even paste your descriptions directly into your store for you free of charge!!

Got questions? Send me a message and I will get back to you within minutes

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