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# **Modern, responsive and optimized SEO showcase website creation with wordpress using elementor or divi page builder.**

**Need a powerful showcase website for your company or project ?**

**Looking to grow your business and improve your online presence ?**

**Looking for a web agency or a freelance web developer, expert in modern and responsive website creation ?**

**Looking for a website that captivates your visitors and inspires them to take action ?**

**I guess so! In this case, use my freelance website creation services with wordpress.**

# **Why choose me for your stylish website design project ?**

## **SEO optimization for your showcase website**
This is very important for referencing your website and facilitates navigation for visitors.

## **Referencing your showcase website**
When your website is referenced, it is displayed in the first search results of users who search for a keyword of your articles or your site.

## **Attractive quote for your showcase website**

## **Design a stylish showcase website template or customize showcase wordpress themes based on your brand, colors, and preferences.**

**I am an experienced professional in the field** offering customized web solutions to help you present your business in an attractive way online.

I discuss with you to understand your needs in order to develop a website that is both aesthetic, functional and user-friendly.

My skills in **graphic design**, **web development**, and **SEO optimization** allow me to create websites that captivate your visitors and inspire them to take action.

I have several **certifications in web development, SEO optimization, and website creation with WordPress CMS** the most popular content management platform in the world.

**Customer satisfaction is my top priority**

Whether you are a small business, an entrepreneur or an artist, I am committed to providing you with a professional showcase website that will set you apart from the competition.

**Contact me now to discuss your project and benefit from quality freelance service.**

## **What is a showcase website ?**

Briefly, **a showcase website** is a type of website that presents essential information about a company, organization, brand or project. **Unlike an e-commerce website, a showcase website does not have an online sales function. ** Its main objective is to provide a professional and informative online presence, highlighting the company’s products, services or activities.

Find other services through my profile here [https://comeup.com/@abdoul-tiga](https://comeup.com/@abdoul-tiga)

# **Why do you need a showcase website ?**

A website is more than necessary these days for almost all professions.
Whether you are a local business (small or medium-sized) in various sectors such as:

- Restaurants,
- Beauty salons
- Real estate agencies,
- Plumbing services,
- Clothing stores
- Independent freelancers and consultants or trainers,
- Physicians,
- Artists and creatives,
- Lawyers,
- Educational institutions,
- Non-profit organizations (NGOs),
- A sports team,
- etc.

Here are some reasons why you should have a showcase website:

- ** Online visibility:** a showcase website allows your company to be present on the Internet and easily found by users. As you may already know, today more and more people are searching online before making a purchase decision or contacting a company. Having a showcase website allows you to increase your visibility and reach a wider audience.

- ** Credibility and professionalism:** A well-designed website provides clear, accurate and relevant information about the company and builds trust with visitors.

- ** Information available 24/7.**

- ** Communication and interaction:** your showcase website allows you to establish a direct link with potential customers through means of communication such as contact forms, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

- ** Dissemination of information and promotions.**

# **Why use wordpress with one of its Elementor or Divi page builders ?**

- ** Over 2 billion websites are created with Wordpress.**

- ** Ease of use: WordPress** is known for its ease of use, even for beginners. It offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows you to easily create and manage the content of a showcase website. Page builders like **Elementor or Divi** add an extra layer of usability by allowing visual creation without having to write code.

- ** Search Engine Optimization (SEO):** WordPress is well optimized for search engines, which means that your showcase website will have a better chance of being well referenced. It has effective plugins on this subject.

- ** Wordpress has a variety of well-designed free and paid themes that can help you go faster by customizing them.**

**WordPress, combined with page builders such as Elementor or Divi, offers a powerful combination to create an attractive, customized and easy-to-manage showcase website. Ease of use, flexibility, extended functionality, SEO optimization, support community and scalability make WordPress a popular choice for many website owners showcase.**

## **How do I place the order ?**

Choose the package and options that interest you and order. Once the order is launched, we will chat on this site to tell me more about your project.
That’s it! Start your order and we’ll see you soon!

# **My rates for creating a modern showcase website, referenced SEO and responsive.**

Stand out from the competition by creating your professional website today! I create a turnkey showcase site with all the features and prerequisites for only 200€ (Option B recommended)!

What I offer in this service for 10€
Assistance accommodation selection and domain name booking
Installation of wordpress on your Hosting(hosting is your responsibility)
Installing a free window website theme (you can provide me with a premium theme if you have one)
No customization (if you want to have a full and customized window website based on your activity, color codes and preferences, choose one of the packs and other additional options)

The basic offer above is limited and does not allow you to properly achieve your goal. I offer you other more interesting and complete offers.

PACK A PACK B(Recommended) PACK C
Basic offer included
Theme customization
SEO optimization of the WordPress site on search engines
Integration of a contact form
Creation of navigation menus
Maximum number of pages 3 7 10
Installation at your request a chat tool with visitors
Google map integration
Integrating your social networks
Added WordPress Protection and Security
Blog page
Price 75€ 150€ 200€

**You can complete additional options based on your preferences. Would you like an option that is not included in the options? Contact me, I will add this option to allow you to proceed with the purchase.**


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