I will implement any script from PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and javascript

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Are you looking for a web developer, are you having difficulty creating your scripts? I can help you make your scripts.
I would provide you with solutions adapted to your needs in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS and HTML

Software engineer and web developer for 5 years,
I have been working as a web developer for several years using:
CSS, Bootstrap Responsive Framework
JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax
We will define your needs together to create the tailor-made management applications for you

Here are the options I offer:

Initial service for 5€, I will develop a program in PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML. The program will be of 50 useful lines maximum with a connection to the MySQL database.

For 10€ more: Program comments

For more €20: A program up to 100 lines

For more €30: A program up to 150 lines

For more €40: A program up to 200 lines

For more €45: A program up to 250 lines

For more €50: A program up to 350 lines

For more €70: A program of up to 700 lines

For more €100: A program beyond 1000 lines

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All prices are excluding tax + 0.30€ and 5% fees that our bank partners may levy depending on the applicable taxes and the payment method used.

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